2e Tuesday: A Sense of Adventure.

This is the on-the-road edition of 2e Tuesday, brought to you by the highways I-15, I-70, and I-5.

We’re having a lot of fun on our roadtrip out to California, in no small part because I’ve noticed that Out of the Box kids LOVE adventures. And the more they’re involved in the adventuring, the more they love it. I’ve turned over the planning of our trips to the older kids–they pour over maps, brochures, and websites to find the places they want to go. There is much less whining this way, because Out of the Box kids also don’t really like to be told when, where, what, and how to do something.

This sense of adventure extends to more than roadtripping. When allowed to flourish, it becomes a part of their everyday. When allowed to make up their own recipes using their own ingredients, cooking becomes exciting. When given random materials, science experiments become fascinating. Even cleaning becomes less a chore when they are left to their own devices. I don’t really have a chore chart anymore, just a big bucket with all manner of cleaning supplies that they chose from. It’s a fabulous strength, to have such a zest for life. It means I’ve given up some Mommy control that I thought was essential to parenting, but the trade off is they are much more engaged with me and with life in general.

We’re doing a lot of driving in the car these two weeks, but they’re all for it because we get to visit some National Parks they chose. It’s a win/win, getting them more involved in the trip and giving up some of that control. It makes for happy campers all the way around.

Fun, but tiring.

To learn more about Out of the Box kids and chat with other parents of kids that fit this description, head over and join the Out of the Box Thinkers group!


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