Growing up California.

Growing up California

Hanging out here in So. Cal. reminds me of my childhood in countless tiny ways. When I look back at my early years, I can’t imagine a more ideal place to grow up. So here’s my walk down memory lane, a hodge podge free association of sights, smells, and sounds.

Searching for rolypoly’s and then eating them. (I was 5, they were great protein!)

roller skating down the sidewalk for hours.

Soccer practice twice a week, every week, from the time I was old enough to dribble the ball until we left 7 years later for NJ.

Soccer games all day, every Saturday, with orange slices for halftime and Thrifty ice cream after the games.

After soccer games, then the beach!

Riding around on my bike with packs of kids every chance I got.

The smell of Coppertone and PB&J sandwiches at the beach.

Boogie boarding with my Dad in the surf.

Getting married behind the portables from 3rd grade on. I had quite a reputation, but that’s only because I was the only girl who would actually kiss the groom.

Going on hikes with my grandpa, the strongest guy I’d ever known. Most of the hills we traipsed around are now subdivisions.

Eating hot dogs at Huntington Beach.

washing my hair and then letting it dry in the sun.

Those are some of my earliest memories, and I love them! It’s nice to be back here for a bit.


4 Responses

  1. Love this! Reminds me that it really is the simple, repeated things that create the best childhood memories. And it’s not what we DON’T offer that counts, it’s what we do.

    • Amanda, that was really beautifully said! I hadn’t thought about it like that, but you are absolutely right.

  2. Wonderful memories… so many I share as a little Cali girl!

  3. Sounds like an ideal childhood. That coppertone smell brings me right back to childhood!!!

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