Happy Father’s Day, Honey!

So, did everyone have a nice Father’s Day?  Did the man of the house get breakfast made for him, and get to watch TV with his feet up?  Did he get to take it easy while everyone else cleaned up around him?  Did he get a great lunch and an even better dinner, just for him? 

In short, was it just like every other day he’s married to you? 

Ha.  I kid because I love. 

This is my hubby when I met him, right after playing basketball for University of Kentucky.  Young, muscley, and hhhhot (if I do say so myself.):

One thing led to another, yada yada yada, we were married a few years later.  He was the kindest, most tenderest, most loving guy I’d ever met.  When I was away from him, I wanted to be close to him.  When I was close to him, I wanted to be closer. 

One thing led to another, yada yada yada, I got pregnant and he became a father!

One just never knows what parenthood will be like until one actually becomes a parent.  This moment was difficult for hubby. 

Once the shock wore off….about when each of them started eating solid foods…it was all good.  And oh,  the fun we all had!  Hubby’s big shoulders are perfect for rides!

He carried both kids through Europe.  And I’m not kidding.

and then there’s this:

But he’s not just good for physical support.  He’s great for moral support to.  Like when you jack up your arm and need someone to snuggle with in the hospital.  And when you need that same person to bellow at the nurses, “We need some Codeine in here NOW” when they are taking to long with the pain meds.  My kids always run to Dad to make them feel better.

He’s also a good guy around to relax and play around with.  He makes the biggest splashes in the pool, for sure.  And he thinks up cool things to do together.

Really, there are lots of reasons why my kids think he’s the #1 Dad in town.

But I have my own special reason why I think he’s tops in my book.

In order to become the worlds best Dad, he made me a mom first.

Big love to all the Pop’s out there who make life a whole lot better!


4 Responses

  1. love this post =) yay ! Todd you rock.

  2. love it! and that belly! happy family you have there i want to come hang out!

  3. Thanks Tiff! Can’t believe that I used to be HOT!

  4. used to be?! You still are! 🙂

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