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Hello? Is this thing on?

I don’t think I’ve ever NOT blogged for this long since I started blogging. Which was, like, well, I don’t remember not blogging. Even when computer and internet weren’t available, I blogged in this little thing called a ‘Diary’. It involved paper and a pen, and writing things down! Really!

Anyway, it’s hard to get back in the blogging saddle since my vacation (excuse me, I mean, ‘Educational Experience’) ended.

Mostly, it’s because I’ve been so so so busy.


Happy Summer!

4 Responses

  1. I am having an equally hard time blogging these fine hot summer days full of play.

  2. A diary! I remember those things…I must have at least a dozen stashed somewhere from my “manual blogging” days.

    Mmmmm DQ! Looks good.

    Happy Summer to you guys too!

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