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Summer Salad

This salad started with an actual recipe, which is:

Spinach leaves
Strawberries, cut up
Camembert cheese
cooked bacon, crumbled up
Poppy Seed dressing (my favorite is from Briannas)

Mix everything together and enjoy! This is an elegant and sexy salad, as far as presentation goes…it works great for company or as part of a special meal.

However, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and have turned it into my own favorite summer salad. I hesitate to call this a recipe, which implies combining ingredients together to make something new and unexpected…this is more like–get everything you love, throw it together with some greens, and call it a salad!

Summer Salad love.

So, here’s what it looks like when I do it:

Start with greens. I love spinach, but Todd loves romaine…to each his own!

Cut up all or some, whatever your preference:
boiled eggs
green peppers
corn fresh off the cob
red onions
(any other fruit/veggie you love)
Turkey or
Roast Beef

Goat cheese or
Camembert or
feta, whatever floats your boat.

I make it into a salad bar, where everyone in the family can pick and choose what they put on their greens from that selection.

Put salad dressing over the top, you really can’t go wrong with any of these.

Et voila! My favorite Summer Salad!


One Response

  1. Looks amazing, and fresh, and oh so summery!!!

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