Huntington Beach

I pretty much grew up in Huntington Beach, between the lifeguard stations 9 and 11. Right by the beach bungalow/surf shack/concession stand that made excellent nachos and hot dogs served sliced down the middle and on a hamburger bun.

Just like a butterfly, or salmon, or turtle with a hereditary drive to return to the place of birth, I feel the same when I visit California. It soothes me. This trip was no different, and happily the weather cooperated by keeping the ‘June Gloom’ far away from the beach.

I took 345345345345 pictures, which means it’s video time!

This is for all of you who may not have the chance to beach it up this summer. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. Absolutely fabulous video. Beautiful editing, amazing song, great pictures. What a great way to get a jumpstart this morning!

  2. Totally awesome!

  3. Fantastic!

    • Flo, can’t wait to get to SD and take some pics with you! July 22-26th, I think. Clear a morning for me!

  4. love the video! sounds like a really great vacation — love sassy’s new do too 🙂

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