Rustic Camping

I’m almost packed for the camping trip up to Wyoming.

I think my brain is close to imploding from all the packing/unpacking/packing I’m doing, and so really I’ve just thrown a bunch of crap into my bag and called it good.

The weather report is calling for rain and cold. Like, 20 degrees colder than average. Instead of 80 and sunny, we’ll be 60 (30’s at night!) and rainy. I say, bring it on, Mother Nature. I laugh in the face of wet camping. I love having damp shoes for a week straight! I love wet jeans! I bask in dripping tents and soaked, non flammable wood!

There will be a bunch of 12-17 year old girls up there, it’s kind of like Scout Camp only with no boys and more hair braiding. And I know it will be rustic because they haven’t actually finished preparing the camping site for actual camping…we’re going up there to do a service project of completing that for some of our time. I think they have a big mess hall pavillion set up and that’s it.

This is a quick turnaround and I”m really going to miss Golfer and Sassy. And Frito! And hubby. He’ll be here at home with the kids and my mom to help watch over everything.

All I know is, as long as there are s’mores happening at camp, I can handle the pit toilets, the bears, the mosquitoes, the rain, the cold, not showering, and sleeping on the hard ground.

it's a good weekend

bring it on!


3 Responses

  1. Have a blast! I always wanted a more rustic Girls camp experience. 🙂 Midwestern leaders tended to go with a nice cabin & swimming pool type camping place though it seems.

  2. Yay! Have a great time!

  3. Oh my god, good luck! It is hard work getting ready for camping, I think you’ve got the right attitude! Have fun, eat a smore for me. I’d love to see a photo of your lovely blue toe nails after this week 😉

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