Chocolate Chip Cherry Banana Muffins

Sassy may be picky and temperamental about doing some things, but she’s always up for cooking with me. I love it! There are few things better than cutting, measuring, mixing, and baking with a kid. It’s messy, it’s a bit chaotic, it’s unruly, and it’s so much fun.

She concocted her first ever recipe a little while ago by taking our basic Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe and tweaking it a little bit by adding cherries into it along with the chocolate chips. Wow. It’s fantastic. The best part was ripping the cherries into smaller pieces, getting cherry juice all over, and then licking it off our hands and fingers. As I said, cooking with Sassy is a messy affair.

In addition to adding chocolate chips and cherries to the banana bread, you can theoretically substitute whole wheat flour for part of the white flower. I’m trying to use more whole wheat than white, but it’s slow going. I think I’m up to about 1/4 cup whole wheat in whatever recipe I use, but I totally taste the difference. HFCS is still off the menu, so that’s good!

Chocolate Chip Cherry Banana Muffins

I think next time, we’ll chop up some strawberries and see how they do!


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  1. aaaaaah love!

    did they turn out good?


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