Birthday Boy in the House!

Monday we celebrated Naturalists 13th birthday, and Wednesday we celebrated Golfers 10th birthday! Par-tay!

The had the same due date, weirdly enough. Hubby and I had to work really hard to get pregnant with both of them…I know it doesn’t seem like lots of work to get babymaking done, but for anyone who’s had to work hard at it you know that it really is quite a lot of effort…turns out if you calculate their due dates and then go back 9 months to conception, all I really needed to do was eat a big turkey and an apple pie to get pregnant. I guess I’m especially fertile at Thanksgiving.

Anywho, moving on…

Golfer is now 10. And so here are 10 interesting and wonderful things about him that you may or may not know…

1) He is a snuggler. Until he was 5 and went to kindergarten, I’d say he spent 75% of his time either snuggling with me or trying to snuggle with me. Kindergarten was rough on him, because there was no snuggles for most of his day…when he came back to unschool we did (and still do) most of his learning while snuggling, lol.

2) He’s got a tender heart. He’s the first one to offer help if something is wrong or someone is feeling badly. He freely gives whatever he can to help out. Even on his birthday, when he technically doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to (chores, etc), and even after Naturalist stuck him with all the dishes on her birthday 2 days before, he didn’t want her to have to do all the work so he helped out when he didn’t have to.

3) He’s got a wicked sense of humor and his laugh is the happiest sound of my day.

4) He loves basketball so much right now, he sleeps with his basketball shoes on, his favorite Nuggets jersey on, and a basketball in his bed. He used to do this with a golf club, golf glove, and golf ball. He loves sports.

5) When we’re in the car and he’s listening to his ipod, he doesn’t know that he sings extra loud. So I listen to him belting out songs at the top of his voice, lol. Boy singing is the cutest thing ever.

6) He is really really food sensitive. If it’s the wrong taste, the wrong consistence, the wrong texture, he’ll throw up. Hubby is the same way. One night over dinner, he started a chain reaction of vomiting around the table. True story!

7) He’s a homebody. He likes the feel of home, and prefers to be around home and family more than anything. Last year when I asked them to contribute to our ‘top 10 moments’ of the year, his suggestion was, “Being at home”…this was the year of Disneyworld, trips all over the country, and some great times in So. Cal.

8) He loves to play NBA 2009 on the Wii, but not to play the game. He’ll spend hours negotiating trades, setting up the player schedule, and other statistical things. Someday when he’s a GM, I’ll tell everyone it’s because I let him play video games. 🙂

9) He cannot tell a lie. Ever. He can’t even think about being dishonest without immediately blurting out the fact that he’s thinking about being dishonest. Once, Naturalist put him up to a lie (she’s good at it, lol), so he tried to say what she told him and burst into tears. He’s been this way for as long as I can remember.

10) He is interested in learning about anything and everything. If he reads anything, it’s something non-fiction. He won’t read a little dinky fiction chapter book to save his life, but I found him curled up with a historical atlas of WWII. He loves to snuggle up with me and watch The Science Channel, Discovery Channel, and especially the History Channel.

And that’s Golfer in a nutshell for this, his 10th year on the planet!

birthday boy


5 Responses

  1. Happy birthday Golfer!

  2. What a fantastic week full of birthdays! I’m sure the kids love the lists about them. What a neat idea.

  3. will this work???? i hope so….that is just the sweetest list for the sweetest kid (omg, #9…)…hugs to C on his first b-day in double digits!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Golfer! I’m an August baby myself, well, many years ago I mean .
    Love the list, very sweet.

  5. 2 digits!!!!!


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