Math Mondays::math songs

So, working on the same premise that I can remember any song for years and years but forget my grocery list 5 minutes after I make it, I’ve looked into finding songs about numbers and math.

My criteria…they can’t be annoying. They can’t be overly simplistic. They can’t be babyish. They have to be something that we can listen to over and over without growing tired of the song. There are lots of math songs out there, but very few make it past our rigorous trials.

However, there are a few, so here they are:

They Might Be Giants, ‘Here Come The 1,2,3’s’

I can’t even express how much we all love this CD (with a bonus DVD function for a player). All of us! We listened to it exclusively on our trip to and from Moab, Utah when the kids were 4, 9, and 12. That’s a big age gap, but the songs are quirky and fun enough to keep everyone interested. A couple of our favorites?

Nonagon, about a nonagon partying with all the other shapes:

and Seven, about a guy making a cake when he’s overwhelmed with uninvited 7’s who want some:

The way they sing about numbers is perfect for anyone who is nonlinear and right brained, unlike most math resources that are written by, for, and about very left brain thinkers.

They have a Friday Night Family podcast though itunes that spotlights the entire CD a song at a time.

Another CD on heavy rotation is Multiplication by Teacher and the Rockbots. I have no videos for their songs, but you can check them out through the link.


3 Responses

  1. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your Math Mondays. I’ve got a math phobic, right brained learner at home and I’m struggling to move beyond workbooks. Your posts give me creative ideas and inspiration–both are things I really need when it come to math! Keep ’em coming!

  2. ok, ok, I’ll try the giants one more time…I got a cd awhile ago from them – wasn’t kid friendly – it was HORRID! Really, really bad, couldn’t even listen something about slapping someone…
    so went to the library today, I’m on the waitinglist…for abc’s and 123’s…

  3. you do not disappoint! i popped over last week to see if you had updated your blog (as you mentioned over on flickr), and i just knew i would find some great homeschooling inspiration. my son has watched the TMBG videos over and over and over on youtube, and we just picked up the cds at our library, which have been on continuous play ever since. and then i saw the math multiples using the 99 chart on the sidebar and just printed it out. can’t wait to do this with the family! thank you!

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