Why I’m making a cloak instead of packing for Yellowstone…

In the precious 48 hours before undertaking a big trip I have not done any of the following: pack, prepare, clean out the car, gotten provisions, assembled sleeping bags, organized trip packs for the kids, printed out directions (although, with googlemaps on my iphone, maybe that’s not so important? Unless we’re driving through the middle of nowhere?), or any of the other 30458304958 things I need to be doing.

Instead, I’m doing this with Naturalist:


That pattern is for a black cloak, with a tasseled hood, lined with silver. It’s something Naturalist has wanted ever since beginning The Sword of Shannara book series. And this week she said she really, really wanted a cloak at Yellowstone.

I could tell it meant a lot to her. As an unschooler, I’ve made it my job to keep my feelers out for experiences or activities that will really engage my kids in something deeply. Learning is all about connections, and my day is full of helping them make those connections in their lives. This, I knew, would be a big moment for her…both making the cloak and wearing it in and around Yellowstone.

She wanted it black, to blend into the night, and silver to blend in with the wolves in that National Park. Last time we were there we spotted some wolves, and she’s always had a thing for them. As much as there is to do, I would gnaw off my arms before I’d let a big moment pass by. So, that’s why we’ve been immersed the last 2 days in cloak making.

I suck at sewing, but a friend came to the rescue and we’re almost done with the thing. I think, if I don’t manage to mess it up in the final stretch, it’s going to look totally cool. Perfect for communing with wolves in Yellowstone and walking around a misty lake by our cabin.


7 Responses


  2. Very cool!!!! I can’t wait to see the final product!

  3. Looking forward to seeing it – it sounds very cool!

  4. Awww, a girl after my own heart. I LOVE wearing my hooded mantle (same as a cloak except it goes only a few inches past the shoulders) when we camp. There’s just something so…COOL about it.

    Have fun!

  5. We just got back on Tuesday night from 17 days in the Black Hills area of South Dakota (with a jog over to De Smet) and Yellowstone/Grand Tetons. What an amazing trip!!! Enjoy.

  6. The cloak sounds like a dream come true. I totally get it. I made Nicola a blue “sparkly” cloak with fur trim (and I can barely sew) and she loves it. Hope your trip is wonderful…

  7. […] hidden is Naturalist’s Cloak of Awesomeness, which is a full length black cloak with silver lining that we made last year. She wears it everywhere, and if there’s something that freaks people […]

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