Soup is for Fall!

I’ve been meaning to update my blog to include all our summer activities, especially the National Parks we visited…but then we went to a few more National Parks which meant even more pictures to sort through, and then Naturalist and I followed that up with a trip to NYC where I averaged about 2,500 pictures (or, 400 pictures a day or 35-ish pictures an hour or a picture every other minute…) and I find myself drowning in the sheer volume of it all. Most of them I’ll delete, my ability level is still at a range of 1 good picture for every 100 I take, lol.

Also, we’ve started Creative Math Club back up, so I’m sorting through all the activities and pictures from that.

Anywho…I’m about done with NYC, until then I’ll share one of my all time favorite fall soup recipes. So easy, so fast, so delicious!

Tortilla Soup

Fry up a package of cut up bacon in a big soup pot, until it’s mostly cooked and crispy.

add to bacon (and grease)
cut up carrots
cut up potatoes

cook, covered, until soft. Remember to stir occasionally so stuff doesn’t burn on the bottom.

Add to that:
2 cans of Rotel brand tomatoes with green chilis…the spicier version is the best!
Enough chicken broth that you have a big vat of soup.

Voila! Tortilla soup! But you’re not done yet! There are a bunch of things to put on top of the soup to make it even better, so place on the table:

cut up avocados
tortilla chips
lime wedges
hot sauce
sour cream
fresh cut up tomatoes

everyone can pick and choose what they want to add to it. For instance, I overdose on lime wedges and avocados (and cheese, and sour cream…) while the kids leave the avocados alone in favor of more chips.

I tried to stage a ‘normal family around the dinner table’ shot, but this was the best I came up with.

I’d love to be Martha Stewart worthy. Instead I have a plastic bottle of lime juice and big vat of sour cream on the table. And one of my kids isn’t wearing pants. Not gonna happen.

Rest assured, this is happy, warm, and perfect for fall nights! I cook this on monday and then have it for lunch the rest of the week…if you use a lot of potatoes and carrots at first, then all you have to do is keep adding chicken broth to make it last for days and days. This saves me time in the kitchen, so I can sit back enjoy the scenery out my windows.

**This can also be made without bacon…just boil a chicken in water to make your own broth, and shred the chicken to use in the soup. I choose not to do this because my secret shame is that I cannot cook a decent chicken. 16 years of trying, I still end up with really rubbery, inedible chicken when I try to cook it. How sad is that?!**