Ah, New York.

Streets of NYC

Still uploading pictures so I can tell the riveting tale of Naturalist and my trip to NYC. I know you’ve all been on the edge of your seats in anticipation…all 2 of you…and I’m sooooo close to being ready to dish the details via pictures.

I know it’s only been 2 weeks since we’ve been back home, but I really really miss the city. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the countryside, with fields and farm animals and limited access to fast food or convenience. It’s soothing and calming.

BUT! The city and I are made of the same stuff. Chaos, energy, hustle and bustle, motion and noise. I love riding the subway–I love that I can get on anytime and go anywhere I want. I love taking it to some of the best museums anywhere!



I love being surrounded by strangers…a big mass of humanity all doing our own thing, ignoring each other maybe, but I got lost a whole bunch of times and got a lot of help from those same people when I needed it!

shooting from the hip

I love the art on the street

Jump for 9!

I love that Times Square is lit up so much, you can be walking down the street at 1:30 am and it feels like noon!


I love that I can be just a subway ride away from eating the best food from any culture in the world…

Best Breakfast Evah!

I love sightseeing there!

Brooklyn Bridge sunset

Statue of Liberty

I love love love the city lights.


And even though I was already madly in love with NYC (after growing up right next door in NJ) I discovered I could love it even more sharing it with Naturalist for the first time!

holding hands