Actual emails I have to write because I am a dork.

“Dear Denver Center for the Performing Arts,
Hi! My name is [childplay]. I bought tickets to Wicked a few months ago, printed them out, and have since lost them. I’m so sorry but now I’m not sure what the dates were for our show.

Could you please tell me what dates I have tickets for? They will be under the name [childplay].

Thank you in advance,



6 Responses

  1. So did you find out??!

  2. Teehee…I’m sorry but that’s funny and totally something I would do.

  3. Ha! I am always losing stuff I print up.

  4. Yes, we’re going on Tuesday (so glad I asked!) and they’re holding some for me at will call, lol.

  5. That was so well phrased!

  6. Do people all around the world have the same problems ?

    To make my works easier I keep on organizing them and then I keep on reorganizing them so that no body else notices my absent mindedness.

    I had enrolled my daughter for some talent day programs. But now that i have to prepare her I dont remember what the programs were. i am planning to write a letter to her teacher to let me know from the list ! haahaaha !

    I could feel how relieved you would be to straighten this out. One thing settled. 🙂

    Keep the tickets safe and your phone switched on , in case ! 🙂

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