2e Tuesday::Jonathan Mooney

Every parent of a 2e or out of the box thinker should know the name Jonathan Mooney. Labeled with ADD, dyslexia and severe learning disabilities, he is, in fact, a 2e Out of the Box Thinker himself and he’s written two books on the subject: Learning Outside The Lines: Two Ivy League Students With Learning Disabilities And ADHD…
and The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal It’s worth noting that while he struggled to make it through school and dropped out for a time, he since went on to Brown University and holds an Honors degree in English Literature.

I’ve written about Jonathan Mooney a couple times before, specifically here:
About when we met Jonathan Mooney and here: About the book “Learning Outside the Lines”

His website is a fantastic place to go for more information, understanding, and resources about and for Out of the Box Thinkers. His books and media interviews continue to spread the message that thinking outside the lines (or, out of the box 😉 ) is not a disability and shouldn’t be treated as such. He’s a hopeful guy with a strong message for educators, parents, and kids, and I’ve enjoyed both meeting him and exchanging emails with him. He’s been one important step on the path towards helping my Out of the Box thinkers thrive.

He is embarking on a cross country tour for the next couple months, I thought I’d post the dates and locations in case any of you are close to one of them. If you are, go go go!

Nov. 4
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
The Ross School
9 Lagunitas, Ross, CA
Free & open to the public

Nov. 9
6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Floral Park Memorial High School
210 Locust Street, Floral Park, NY
Book signing and parent meet up
Free & open to the public

Nov. 10
8:00 am keynote for parents and teachers
Floral Park Memorial High School
210 Locust Street, Floral Park, NY
Free & open to the public

Nov. 11
Washington, DC

Nov. 20
University of Washington, College of Education Community
The Short Bus Stories

Dec. 1
Special Education Conference
Oklahoma State Department of Education, Oklahoma City
The Short Bus Stories

Dec. 5
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
National Alliance on Mental Illness Transition workshop
Holiday Inn, 172 North Main Street, Concord, NH

Dec. 14 & 15
The Lab School, Washington, DC

Dec. 15
The Lab School, Baltimore, MD

A brief look ahead:
Jan. 23
El Paso, TX

Feb. 4
El Paso, TX

Feb. 4 & 5
Oakton, VA

Feb. 8 & 9
Charlotte, NC

Feb. 12
Bethalto, IL

Feb. 20
Santa Barbara, CA

Feb. 26
Santa Ana, CA

March 5
Salt Lake City, Utah

March 11 -13
Diamonds in the Rough: Smart Kids Who Learn Differently Conference
Rockville, MD

March 16
Northridge, CA

March 20
Fairfax County, VA

April 17
San Francisco, CA

April 29 & May 1
Philadelphia, PA

June 19
Tokyo, Japan

June 20
Osaka, Japan

Please spread the word to your friends and colleagues and I hope to see you all soon!


I hope some of you can make it!
And, if you haven’t already, come join us over at the Out of the Box Thinkers group!