Halloween is upon us!

And I’m soooo not ready.

It’s just not right when Hubby has to shovel the sidewalk so trick or treaters can make it to our front door. It’s actually reminding me quite a bit of ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’.

We haven’t even carved pumpkins! In fact, I don’t even have pumpkins! All the pumpkin patches around here have not fared well through the last couple snow storms.

As with all holidays, my focus is on the food we’ll eat. Last year we did this:

Halloween Food

And this year I’ll do the same but maybe switch out the chicken pot pie for a gruesome meat hand from Not Martha.

Today will be lots of scrambling to do all the errands that I needed to do when we were snowed in, and lots of crafting with the kids. One thing we’ve got going for us is that this year, unlike last year, none of them have the chicken pox!

Are you ready for Halloween?!