37 Wishes.

The calls and emails have started trickling in, confirming the fact that my birthday is here! Last year I wrote about how my aging process is going, this year it’s like time has gone in reverse and I’m another year younger. I’ve thought about this, and come to the conclusion that the process of learning new things is almost regenerative…nothing makes you feel younger than tackling on a new skill, new thoughts, new knowlege. Starting at the lowest level, like a child, and working your way up. This past year has been an almost indescribable whirlwind of newness, openness, deeper awareness…it’s kept me on my toes and really flown by. I’m amazed that it really has been a year since I wrote my last birthday post!

Inspired by the always inspiring Kristin over at Maine Momma, I am compiling a list of 37 wishes I want to fulfill in this next birthday year.

In no certain order, they are:

1. Swim under breaking waves in an ocean.
2. Go to a Karaoke bar and actually sing something.
3. Find a real working photobooth on the street somewhere and use it (still looking, K!)
4. Go to a concert.
5. Take the time to do what it takes to really make a difference in someone’s life.
6. See Wagner’s entire Ring Cycle opera next summer in LA.
7. 4 nights a week, turn the computer off by 8 pm. And leave it off!
8. hopefully that will mean I sleep longer than 5 or 6 hours a night.
9. Learn more about using my Canon, either through a class, or online, or a friend who knows what they are doing.
10. Go on a couple more flickr walks with flickr friends!
11. Have each one of my kids teach me something they are good at, or know a lot about.
12. Remember that I can’t control everything in my life, but I can control how I react to it.
13. ack, I’m only on 13? This is going to take forever…
14. Learn how to cook a new recipe from a regional cuisine I haven’t tried before.
15. Take a swing dance class with Todd.
16. Paint a picture again.
17. participate in a race…not to win, but to finish…
18. More camping!
19. Visit at least 4 more National Parks I haven’t been to.
20. See Ashley again.
21. More roadtrips!
22. Visit a state I haven’t been to. Which means either Maine, Washington, or North Dakota.
23. learn more about Photoshop.
24. Do one thing with each of the kids that will be a lifelong memory for them.
25. write something that is published somewhere other than my blog.
26. laugh more.
27. Cry more.
28. Read out loud to the kids at night.
29. apologize less for the quirky things that make up me.
30. celebrate more the quirks that make up the people around me.
31. go bowling.
32. Fly a kite.
33. notice the small moments.
34. embrace all kinds of change, not just the stuff I have control over.
35. find ways every day to make Todd fall in love with me over and over again.
36. take myself on a journey…either spiritually, mentally, or physically.
37. For realz?! I’d love to go to Mexico…

But right now, I’d love to go to bed. And I’ll wake up another year older, maybe not really wiser. And I’ll get snuggles and breakfast in bed, and lots of birthday love. Life is good!


30 Responses

  1. I love #10 #18 #21

    love this list!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, SA!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, my wonderful, loving daughter! I remember it well. Dad

  4. happy birthday sweetie…x

  5. Happy Birthday Tiffani!

  6. Happy birthday!! Enjoy your day.

  7. Happy Birthday, Tiffani! I hope it is a great day!

  8. happy birthday Tiffani-
    You are full of inspiration, insite and fun.

    Have you checked out photobooth.net to locate a booth near you?? hop on over there and # 3 may just be complete in no time at all πŸ™‚

  9. Oh well, clearly you must come to Maine–Kristin and I live in the same town, near the breaking waves, lots of photobooths around, Acadia Nat’l Park is three hours away, there’s camping, concerts, art, miles of gorgeous road tripping, you could paint (on Monhegan even), and for the kids and their memories: take a lobster boat trip, climb Mt. Katahdin, canoe the Allagash, visit the eastern most point of the US at Lubec to see the sunrise, go to LLBean at 3am, have a clambake, sail on a Windjammer, go moose watching, go up in a lighthouse….happy birthday, Tiffani!! xo

    • It sounds like all my wishes will come true in Maine…is that why you live there?! Your wishes all come true, too?! πŸ™‚ That sounds so so lovely, and seals the deal on a trip up to New England later next year. !!! Or, maybe tomorrow I’ll just hop on a plane… πŸ˜‰

  10. Happy Birthday dear friend! I’m so looking forward to knowing you at 37, and if you go to Maine, i’ll go to Maine, i’m just sayin’ … i’m so glad i know you!

  11. XO birthday girl/
    here’s to your new year and your new list!


  12. yes come to maine and bring tara!!!!

  13. hey ! the list will suit me as well ( really ! most of them are my life long resolutions ) thanks that you put them into words. Now it is easier for me to keep track ! Haha !
    So, how is life tnow hat you are a year older over night ! πŸ˜€

  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. I would always love to have you visit us here in Washington! Thanks for sharing your list…I hope your day was fabulous!

  16. Happy Birthday fellow Scorpio! Love the list (particularly #18 and #29 – sorry) I’m thinking of “borrowing” it for my birthday next Friday…though I’ll have to add one more. πŸ˜›

    Have a fabulous birthday weekend!

  17. Happy birthday πŸ™‚

  18. Just catching up here- Happy Birthday!! I’m sure it was awesome.

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