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  • November 2009
    M T W T F S S
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Hey Guess What?!

Snow! A foot of it!


And while Hubby and the older kids were out front shoveling the walkways and driveway, Sassy and I were in back living it up! We made snow angels, threw snow around, and then made a snowman. Or, snowwoman I should say.

everyday life 12

Sassy kept eating the carrots off the poor snowwoman’s face.

Golfer was thisclose to throwing a snowball at me, until I threatened no more snuggling if he did. So he didn’t. Instead he threw it at Hubby who got it right in his ear…did you know a frozen eardrum can lead to nausea and dry heaving?! I didn’t either! But now I know!

The weather is clearing up, and it has warmed up rather quickly. It all may be gone tomorrow…maybe all that shoveling wasn’t really necessary after all…

11 Responses

  1. AGH! Poor hubby! 😉
    I had the lucky opportunity to shovel today…not terribly happy that the snow THEN decided to start melting…bleh…

  2. A foot! Nice! I sure do miss snow.

  3. You really have a weather there! Here we are having heavy rains from the retreating monsoon. Siva and Swetha is going to love it when I show them your snow woman! 🙂

    • monsoon! My kids are going to love it when I tell them about that…we’ve never been in a monsoon before. 😉

  4. Great pic of Sassy!

  5. http://aswathysailendranath.wordpress.com/2009/07/21/sweet-pouring-monsoon-rain/ ( I donno if this is how we post a link . Well, let me try )

    • It worked! The kids and I sat down and read it together. You are the first person we’ve known who lives in India, we find it very exotic! I loved your retelling of growing up with monsoons–it made me sad I’ve never lived in one!

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Thanks for the comment . May be one day you should visit India. ( Your place looks even more beautiful 😀 ) Happy that the link worked . 😀

  6. http://www.kerala-travel-tours.com/climate_of_kerala/ ( was searching for a site that is not all about business. THink this will fit. Hope the kids enjoy it. )

    and here are some pictures on Kerala monsoon. hope kids will enjoy it [ http://www.clickitfirst.com/k_travel/gallery/monsoon.html ]

  7. I love the picture of Sassy!
    and the snowman giving us 2 thumbs up :o)

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