Baby, Baby!

Some new developments have happened here at Child’s Play! Like, really really new…

Baby L.

This is Baby L., my sister’s newest addition to the clan. He’s soft and smells like what delicious tastes like. As you can see, he’s just about the cutest thing on the planet.

He came around a month early, so has some issues to work out which means a little more hospital time than usual. For my sister and I, this means more time to party. We have a long tradition between us, starting when she was around for 3 out of my 4 births. That tradition is….get rowdy in the hospital! It can be a stressful place, with all the nurses coming in and out monitoring everyone, and a new baby to try to nurse, and all the new mama hormones wreaking havoc with emotions. And for my sister and I, when the going gets tough, we get silly.

This is the first time the roles were switched, and I was the one helping while she was the one having the baby…I have to say, I like it this way. I get all of the love and fun with none of the worry or pain.

Yesterday we hung out while Baby L. spent some time under the sun lamps trying to get his bilirubin levels down to a not critical stage (stress!). My sister wanted to stretch her legs a bit, so left me in charge of watching over him while she went down to get a salad and some milk from the cafeteria. This is what she came back with:

Everyday Life 15

That would be two slices of cake, two sodas, and two bags of chips. We also had a Choco Taco and Dove bar in the freezer. Because heaven help the nursing mom who doesn’t have enough carbs in her life.

It reminded me of the time Jamie stayed overnight with me after Sassy was born. When the nurses would come deliver my food, they would have a little container of really really good ice cream with it. I mean, really good! At around 2 in the morning, about 12 hours after popping another human being out of my hootie hoo and without really walking much since then, I decided I wanted to find their ice cream stash. Jamie and I figured it had to be near the nurses station somewhere.

So, we bundled Sassy up and put her in the hospital bassinet that you can wheel around while I peeled myself from the bed into vertical. We crept out of the hospital room and slowly made our way down the hall, pushing Sassy in front of us, looking in to each room that wasn’t for patients. The quieter we tried to be, the harder we giggled. At long last, success! We found a large freezer full of ice cream. Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla…all the ice cream we could eat. We piled tubs and tubs of it into Sassy’s bassinet, so it held more pounds of ice cream than it did baby. Then we slowly made our way back down the hall. We had almost made it back when a voice from behind us said, “What are you girls doing?!” My night nurse. Busted! It only made us giggle harder. She walked over to check on Sassy, picked up the blanket and asked…”is that….ice cream?” Why yes, yes it was. She laughed at us and sent us on our way, saying she wished more new moms would get up and walk around sooner after delivery. I suggested she tell them there was all you could eat ice cream in the freezer.

We’re hoping Baby L. gets to go home today, which would put an end to our hospital fun but start a whole new life with her little boy. And everyone’s excited about that!


6 Responses

  1. I laughed a lot reading this!!
    Congratulations. On the baby and on the fun.

  2. lol! Hope bub gets to go home soon!

  3. Man, you guys know how to rock the hospital stay. Enjoy those long, boneless cuddles. šŸ™‚

  4. you are making the best of that drab hospital routine for sure! xo on going home.

  5. Congrats ! And my love to the baby !

    Me and my sis are almost like this. We really enjoy each others company. Not that we sneak into nurses’ room . But I’d love to . During her last trimester she stayed at my place and it was just like we were kids again.

    Get home soon ! šŸ˜€

  6. Congrats on the new family member and on the awesome relationship you have with your sister. šŸ™‚

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