Packing, day one!

I’m guessing that until things settle down around here (ha! Like that ever happens!), Math Monday might be sporadic. The creative math club has taken some time off for the holidays (even though the kids all begged to keep it going….a fun and unexpected twist!), and my mind is all full up with moving.

And speaking of, thank you so much to everyone who took some time to comment yesterday. I knew the internets would understand! Seriously, I printed them all out so I can read some inpiration while I go through with our plans. Everyone was so excited and encouraging, it was just what I needed to hear. thank you thank you thank you!

I’m going to try to write a quick daily update on what’s going on around here, mostly for myself so I feel accountable for what I’m doing. How embarrassing would it be to have to type, “Sat on my butt all day in my pajamas eating ‘Cherry Garcia’ ice cream.” Also, someday I’ll put thishis blog into a blub book, and then my great great grandchildren can learn all about how their ancestors had to cross the plains in a minivan with nothing but a Thule full of stuff and some Cherry Coke. It will be fascinating reading, I’m sure.

Today I finished cleaning out 4 bathrooms full of stuff. Man, we shoved a lot of stuff under the sinks. I filled up 3 trashbags of just trash, then a laundry hamper full of things to sell or give away, and then a handful of things I’m keeping. Stuff like bandaids and other medicine stuff we’ll need. My hair dryer and straightener, because my curly hair just doesn’t work for me. It feels good to cross that off my list of things to do.

Having the kids here has been a big help. Naturalist volunteered to cook breakfast for everyone from now on, so I can focus on packing instead of cooking in the morning. Golfer offered to take care of making sure we have dessert every day, so I’m teaching him how to make apple and peach crisp, as well as brownies. I put them in charge of organizing the play room into piles of toys they want to take with them and piles they want to give away. After I go through a room, like the bathrooms, and get all the stuff out then they go in and clean it up with industrial strength cleaners. And Sassy, bless her little heart, she loves to go around with her spray bottle full of all natural multi purpose cleaner and scrub the hell out of anything she can reach.

When they aren’t helping me, they’re playing video games (Golfer), computer games (Sassy), and searching the internet for more information on wolves and birds (Naturalist). I’m happy to be an unschooler at this particular moment of our lives, because if I had to worry about doing any kind of set curriculum I would flip out. And, if I had to worry about finding them a good school to transfer to right as we moved, and then had to settle in that one particular area without being able to explore…well, that would be miserable.

Today has wiped me out. All this focusing, cleaning, and organizing really drains me. I was not made for this! But you know what I was made for? Enjoying days like this in Huntington Beach, Ca., with my kids:


So I’ll call it an early night and attack it all again tomorrow!


2 Responses

  1. Happy packing. If I had been any near I would have come to help. This is some thing I really hate and like at the same time. To let go off the old things and feel lighter at heart . I am also your type. Clinging on to trinkets and things. And yes , I have the first piece of paper , actually a photo of a diety my husband gave me casually. Before even we thought we will get married.

    But as you said I some how made myself get out of it. I learned to throw out things which I may not need. But I am not at all a light packer.It was wise to keep Budha as your mentor. He left every thing, even his wife.

    Before we settled here I have been changing 3-4 houses in a row for 2-3 years. And I had to do all the packing myself. Hubby will only tell, to which house we are shifting.

    I was afraid to throw away anything because what if one day I will starve and think of all the food I wasted, Or one day I wont have any clothes and I will repent . But What I have learned is you will never be short of anything even if you throw away what you don’ t need.

    Just go for it . And feel the lightness.Think once , think twice . Just put it in the bin. That is it.

    ( Then you will never even remember it unless you have a list of what you put in the waste bin . One of the positive points of low short term memory. )

    It is a great step to decide to live in a RV . You and your hubby are really daring ! Love it . And no schools.! wow ! I can almost see you and your kids in it doing your chores. Looking forward for your posts.

    By the way , saw your bench monday photo. Tried every thing but cudn’t figure out how to comment . Cheers . I have got two sinks full of dishes to do and now I am going to our office also while the kids are gone.

  2. Carter is taking one for the team…what a guy! đŸ™‚

    Call me if you need a sanity break and want to go run away for a few minutes!

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