Operation RV, day 3*.

I’ve been trying to think of a good code name for this adventure we’re embarking on over here. I always like how the US Gov’t makes up ‘operation …(fill in the blank)…’ for their stuff. It has a snazzy ring to it, and makes everyone get on board quicker. Like, “Invade Another Sovereign Country” doesn’t have a snazzy ring. But “Operation Eagle Freedom” (or whatever they called it) is something I can get behind!

So, what is this? ‘Operation Go Live On A Beach’? “Operation Buy All My Crap”? “Operation I Am Going To Lose My Mind?” I’ll have to think further on this.

Whatever the case, I’m on day 3. My sister took my kids so I could dismantle my house without interruptions, and I did a bang up job, especially in the kitchen where I took everything out of the cabinets and onto the counters:


I love my kitchen. I love all the cabinet space, and drawer space. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this house. However, when the goal is to empty out all that space, this turns in to the kitchen of doom. So. Much. Crap. To. Sort. Through.

Up till now, I’ve put the stuff to sell in big piles on the floor, but that got a little messy. So, I cleared out our formal dining room to make space for it all:


And then slowly started filling it up:


I cranked up my itunes playlists hooked up to speakers. I am impossibly distractible, but I find that if I play music with a super fast tempo it kind of matches how much my mind races and serves to keep me on track. I have a great playlist of 80’s songs reworked as club music. So, take ‘Jessie’s Girl’, speed it up 100% and add in some techno. So awesome!

I feel like I’m having an out of body experience doing all this. I don’t know if it’s the shock of actually getting rid of everything and moving, or that I’ve so completely unattached myself from my surroundings, or what. Sometimes I stop and think, is this really my life?! But now I’m in bed getting ready to call it a day, listening to Jason Mraz on repeat until I go to sleep. “I’m Yours” is like my own personal lullaby. And maybe one day I’ll drive my RV into his avacado farm in San Diego somewhere so he can make me some chocomole and I can tell him all about unschooling. He’d LOVE that I bet.

Speaking of San Diego, I took this while visiting San Diego this past June. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon than this:

Beach Haiku

Goodnight internets, your comments continue to encourage me to keep going with this!

*wow, I’m so disconnected, I got my day order wrong on just the second day. I’m on day TWO, not THREE, which is pretty sad to get confused considering yesterday was only day ONE.


7 Responses

  1. re: day three –
    I thought you were being optimistic!!
    ; ).

  2. Bless your heart! So, how long do you think you’ll be in the R.V.? Are you thinking a year, two or more?

  3. You are keeping all your pictures and albums right??? Cause your images rock. They are so whimiscal and good. Although I don’t personally know you, looking at your photo stream gives a good sense of who you are on the inside. …Just plain fun!

    Good luck on day??? Pretty soon they will all roll in together anyway.lol.

  4. All your things are so nice and class , anybody would want to buy them.

    May be you can mix and group your odds and ends into several small groups and put each group in a box or basket instead of single pieces and then put a price for the lot .

    I have found this increases the sellability and speed up the process .
    Best of luck !

  5. Your adventure inspired me to put together my latest blog post. If you’re interested you can see it at http://wisdomspath.blogspot.com/ Good luck!

  6. No matter the day just keep thinking of that SD shot… Great stuff!

  7. You are rocking this move! Having your sister around has to be the best. I LOVE my sistas, they are the rock in my life.

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