The Real Day 3 of Packing.

To recap: my goal is to condense 5 rooms, 4 bathrooms, a basement, two dining rooms, a kitchen, a living room and a playroom into what we can take with us in an RV.

Today, day 3, I started wondering if perhaps my existential awakening wasn’t really just some kind of early indicator of an impending mental health crisis.

I alternated between great organizational frenzies and mini cryfests. A large coke and funnel cakes from Burger King helped me rally in the mid afternoon. I managed to clean out three closets completely:

the downstairs one, which up till now held all our homeschooling supplies, coats, games, maps, vacuum, and assorted pieces of random crap I threw in to get them out of the way. I wish I would have gotten a before, because it wasn’t pretty.


Also, Sassy’s, which was a nightmare of toys, clothes, dress up outfits, games, books, and assorted pieces of random crap I threw in to get them out of the way:


If hubby is reading this right now, he’s already passed out. It hasn’t looked like this since we moved in 5 1/2 years ago. However, the rest of the room is rather undone.


And finally, the game closet. First, I’ll show you everything I took out of it:


you can’t even tell where my sister and her newborn baby are, can you. Hint: they’re in the middle.

This closet was difficult, because I’m so pro-game in our unschooling life. So to get rid of so many was unpleasant. My executive decision making skills were overtasked, and I stopped being able to make choices on what to give away and what to keep. I figured, RV’s have those big storage tanks underneath them, right? So a few games would fit just fine, right?


Obviously, I need to go back through this closet. But my method is to organize and purge until I’m at the point where it’s something hard for me to let go of, and then I put those things in piles and wait for another time to tackle it. So far, I’ve only done that with our games and books. I’ve been pretty consistently unattached to stuff other than that! See how much the give away room is filling up?!


My sister and Baby L. were tons of help.


This guy’s a real taskmaster!


I’m really staying on task–I have a tendency to get distracted easily, and stop one thing halfway through and never return to it. But my music and Cherry Coke are keeping me going. And anyway, I like to refer to it as ‘changing focus’ rather than ‘getting distracted’. So, I really only changed my focus once. I happened to find a peacock feather in Sassy’s closet…I have no idea where it came from or why we had it?! and I couldn’t help but take pictures of it and edit some of them in Photoshop Elements. Because what else are you supposed to do with a peacock feather when you find one? Just set it down in a pile?! I think not! It’s so pretty and shiny…


All in a day’s work. Now my sister, Baby L, and I are snuggling up to sleep so we can wake up fresh and ready to tackle tomorrow….i think if i ever manage to finish this, I’m going to be comatose on the beach for at least a month. Just stick a straw in my mouth connected to a nice fruity slushy drink, and leave me to chillax. That sounds nice.


17 Responses

  1. You are doing great Tiffani with what many would admit is a huge undertaking.

    Before we moved here we camped for three months and only had room for the bare essentials. It was amazing how well we adapted and forgot about the stuff we thought we needed.

    Your plans are so exciting…. good luck with the rest of the purging/packing !!

  2. Hi, I don’t think I’ve commented before, but I just wanted to say what a brilliant job you’re doing.

    I’ve moved more times than I care to count, and I am hoarder, so I know the pain you’re going through πŸ˜‰ – especially the games and books!

    All I can say is think how light and free you’ll feel when you’ve got rid of excess “stuff” and how wonderful your roaming life will be.

    Good luck and best wishes. Now…just to tackle my clutter…

  3. WOW! Great pictures. You are making some amazing progress. You rule!

  4. you are doing great! keep up the amazing work!!!

  5. I meant to tell you sooner. I did this once (for just me, though), when I moved from Ann Arbor, after 15 years there, to San DIego for grad school. I sent some stuff in boxes (lots of dishes broke), and my future roommate saw my 10 boxes of books before she met me. I filled a Dodge Colt, and that was pretty much it.

    I missed a sweater I had given away, so much so that I want to warn you these 20 years later. I hadn’t worn it in many months, so I figured it belonged in the yard sale pile. But I moved to a place where it was often cool, and seldom cold enough to turn on the heat. I wanted my favorite sweater, and it wasn’t there.

    The good news is, I didn’t miss much else. ;^) It’s a hard job you’re doing right now. Good luck with it. (Love your pics.)

  6. I read in awe – you are amazing Tiff…I know this can’t be easy…I’m getting a stomach ache just thinking about doing something like this…you are amazing! did I say that already???? Tiff I’m cheering you from Chicago!!!

    • Kath, you’ll have to get a flight to LA once we get there. I’ll need a friend to escape with for a couple days!

  7. Ah, Tiffani…I feel your pain.

    If I lived near you I would totally come and help. I can’t even manage to clean out one room properly let alone the entire house!

    I hope you get a whole month to chillax in Cali! Take care.

    • lol, yes, I am a member of the ‘can’t manage to clean out one room properly’ club. Which is why this is such a miracle it’s even happening.

  8. You are a machine! Every day you’re getting a little bit closer to your goal, keep plugging along. You’ll get it done. I was thinking about you this morning and wishing I was closer so I could help or take the kids for you- glad to read that you do have help.

    If you’d like to just toss some of those games in a box and have the post office pick it up, I’ll gladly paypal you for them. We could use some new games and it would be so fun to have the ones your family played with! Let me know…

    • you can help me destress once we get to Cali. Let’s play on the beach with our kids, eh?!

      I will totally get some of our games together for you, I feel better about giving them away to a family that I know will love them like we love them. πŸ™‚ I’ll email you!

  9. Love the peacock feather..I’m thinking about you, Hugs! ~Shona

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