Day 4…not much packing.

I’m not technologically savvy, but I did manage to set it up to make my iphone beep everytime someone comments on my blog, so all day today when I was in the midst of stressful packing I was able to read all the really encouraging comments. So, really truly, thank you so much! They gave me much needed boosts of confidence and support!

I hit the wall today with organizing, etc. I’d be OK if clearing out the house was my only priority, but with 3 kids here, it’s not. So, in the morning we had Creative Math Club, where one of the math club members broke the news that they were also going to travel around in an RV with their kids…and we laughed and laughed. And yes, I am wearing a scarf in my house, because it was below freezing today in Colorado and just looking outside at the snow and frost made me cold.


I love the ladies I’ve met in the homeschool group. If you ever want to live somewhere where there is a great collection of really great, supportive, unique, wacky, amazing homeschoolers, this is the place.

In the afternoon I spent some time organizing the kitchen stuff to sell.


I balked when it came time to put my cookie/cake decorating things on sale. So many of my favorite traditions revolve around food, and decorating stuff with icing/sugar sprinkles/melted chocolate. Therefor, I have tons of seasonal stuff that does just that:


I lurve me some cookie cutters. But to keep them just to use once a year just seemed like a frivolous waste of space. So, they’re in the sale pile…although heaven help the woman that tries to buy them from me. Even Baby L. was appalled:

“Not the cookie cutters!”

After finishing that up, I had to retire to my room to take a nap. I’ve been going to bed late and getting up early to work off some of this anxiousness, and today it all kind of hit. I couldn’t really nap because I was all keyed up, so instead I went to the rec center where I ran as fast as I could on the elliptical machine.

Everyday life 42

I had a friend, and no matter how stressful the situation was I was going through she’d always ask, “Are you drinking enough water?” which was her code phrase for making sure I was taking the time to take care of myself. So now I always try to make that a priority….drinking water, maintaining my workout schedule, eating well, etc.

{and I’m sorry, is this as boring to read as it is to type? I’m, like, so tired, it’s all I can do to think of the right words to type, but forget about making them witty. But someday, when my great grandchildren read this they’ll be all, “hey, an elliptical machine! How quaint! And isn’t it funny they still needed sleep back then?”}

Sooooo, anyhoo…yadda yadda yadda, I filled up more space with my stuff!


So, off to bed, to dream of California beaches and the man that’s waiting there for me!



17 Responses

  1. Love the cool photo at the end! And the room slowly filling up 🙂 A time lapse camera would be fun.

    Brilliant job!

  2. You are so brave. Good for you for following your heart. It’s just stuff and you can buy more some day..or not. But the memories and experiences of this move are far more valuable! Good luck to you.

  3. You are still getting your workout on?! You continue to amaze me. Miss you a ton.

  4. I know it’s tough, but your curly hair looks fabulous! And that, my dear, is half the battle. 🙂

  5. I am not sure if you got my Flickr message but go to she lives in her RV full time wonderful photos of her journey on Flickr (Delight)
    She has awesome advice on living with less….
    She had a tour for a year livelightlytour
    just tryin to provide you with some inspiration
    i am workin on my husband to do this within the year and have my basement empty and when the spring hits the garage will be cleared!!!
    Cannot wait to see how your journey flows
    You can do it!!!!

    • thanks, I did get your message and found her…love it!

      oy, basement…I haven’t even gone there yet. Maybe next week…

  6. yea you beep everytime I post – so watch out!! I may post several times a day 😉
    I really like that last picture in your post. You really are inspiring – you have given me the photo bug…I’m trying to post stuff on flicker now…still haven’t got the hang of it but trying. And I’m so jealous of your neighbors right now – I may fly in for the kitchen supply sale!

    • post away, maybe I’ll have to put it on beep and vibrate. LOL. I didn’t just say that.

      Flickr is amazing!

  7. Glad the camera is small, there are so many great photos to take and memories to be had.

    I hope you are still alive and breathing. I know what you are going through. Jay was working what seemed like 12 hour days 8 days a week 🙂 while I was getting the house ready, plus I was working as a preschool teacher.

    It will feel really good once the stuff is sold. And think of the new stuff you can get later, when you have a house again… new cookie cutters, new homeschool materials…. it will be fun. If you stay on the road, you really won’t miss it because you travel to visit people with all this stuff and use their stuff while you visit. The best of all worlds.

    What kind of RV are you guys getting? Don’t get rid of rubbermaid bins (small, med, and large) they are a great way to stow stuff. Do you need plastic or poly carbonate dishes/glassware? If so I have all our stuff from traveling… I’d be happy to part with it for you.

    OK back to my never ending unpacking of our house. See I really should have gotten rid of more stuff! 🙂 Love you.

    • Thank you so much for your offer! Once I’m done with unloading this crap, I’ll look and see what I may actually need. I’ll be sure to save bins!

  8. You are also keeping up with unschooling schedules along with all these ? Tiffani , You really rock !

    oops! did I awake you ? Just like Kathy said I am feeling envious of your neighbours. Love your stuffs. But I think what make them more beautiful are the memories attached with them.

    I kind of detach myself ( as a spirit I wonder ) and watch it from outside as an onlooker when I have to deal with something unpleasant like leaving behind my house :0 . Our old house was later changed into our office. Even now I miss it. But we are happy here.

    You are doing great ! keep it up and in no time you will in California ! I cannot wait to see the photos of your life in the RV.

  9. yeah, I’m trying to give the kids equal time with packing, it’s a tough balance so far. I’m kinda tired!

  10. keep on truckin’ (insert thumbs up). even in the midst of all of your craziness, you have become such an encouragement to me. if you can get rid of all of your material stuff and live in the present, not just on your own, but with your entire family, then i can surely get rid of some of the junk i’ve got layin’ around here! 🙂 and to top all of that you still get in your work-out! i am so ashamed of myself! 🙂 my hat is SO off to you!

    keep moving forward one day at a time and before you know it you’ll be back with your man in your cool shades drivin down the highway of life. 🙂 xo

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