Day 5…I’d rather not talk about it.

Loads of stuff has made their way down to the dining room, so much so that I’ve had to take over our living room and hallway with the spill over. I’ve been trying to organize it into orderly groups so people can easily grab what they want and pay for it tomorrow at our garage sale. I knew having a sale in only one week would be pushing it, but I was afraid if I didn’t just jump in with two feet I never would at all. This sale tomorrow has lit a fire under me, so to speak, to get all this stuff in order.

Turns out, I have a garage sale-phobia. Just the thought of people coming in and taking my precious stuff away all the while trying to haggle the price down to an insulting sum, makes me feel sick. But! Buddha says that is not mine, it is not myself, etc. So I’ve been taking deep breaths today to chill out.

I think it’s best if I not talk about it anymore until after the sale tomorrow, when it’s all said and done.

Instead, I will remember happy times in California, like this day at the beach in Laguna!

Bench Monday: Beach Edition


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  1. I get everything together and then my husband who is really motivated to get rid of the stuff does the sale part while I go get coffee and donuts for 4 hours….

  2. I’ve been following your progress all week. I think you have accomplished an amazing amount!
    I cleaned out just our kitchen this week because we’re tenting for termites and I found that challenging.
    Here’s a happy thought: tomorrow in Denver, the temperature will be 48 degrees…in Laguna, the temperature will be 74!

  3. You’re amazing!

  4. hang in there lady.

  5. ” Dyaya to vishayan Bhumsaha Sangas theshu upajayate

    Sangat sanjayate kamah Kamath krodhi abhijayate

    Krodath bhavati sammoha Sammohat smrithi vibrhamaha

    Smriti brhamshath buddhi nasho Buddhi nashath pranachati

    Ragat vesha viyuktyasthu Vihshayan indriyasch charan

    Atma vaishye vidheyatma Prasadim adi gachchati

    – Bhagvat Gita.

    ” The more one thinks about material things, the more one develops attachment. Attachment leads to desire; and desire, if unfulfilled, results in anger.

    An angry mind looses its balance and, more importantly, the discriminating power. All these only indicate to total mental disintegration of the individual.

    A humble person, with the removal of likes and dislikes, and perfect control of sensory perceptions achieves peace.”

    Have a nice day !

  6. This is a prose from Bhagvat Gita which my hubby always recites to me whenever I ask him to buy me something outwardly or when I brood over something lost.

    Happy Sale !

  7. I can imagine that having this sale will be crazy in so many ways. I am truly amazed by your courage. You are an example to so many, in so many ways! I have cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and started on my garage this week because of your inspiration.

  8. My favorite quote, “Without change, there would be no butterflies.”

  9. Amazing Tiff

    You rock Just the idea of what you are trying to do got me super uptight. I give you 5 major stars. I so hope all goes well with the garage sell. I am so amazingly proud and motivated by you. Give those sweet kids of yours a big hug from Auntie Margo okay

    Good on ya Mate

  10. I’m so proud of you!

  11. Keep truckin’! I cannot imagine having to sell all my stuff and manage the garage sale and pack without my husband. You are a brave and adventurous woman.

    So once I saw that you had a cool old national parks (maybe it was Devil’s Tower or Mt. Rushmore?) picture over your dinner table. Are you selling that or does it go with you in the RV? I would love to have it in my home if you want to sell it.

    Thanks to your inspiration I am cleaning out some of the clutter in my house.

  12. YOU ROCK!! I hope your sale was awesome – I hope your doing ok…its gotta be emotionally crzy for you…but your doing great!

  13. i made some peach crisp tonight…I posted a picture just for you on flicker… 😉

  14. Tiff, I have been thinkin of you all day. I hope that things are going well over at your place. I am glad to see you are relaxing just a bit here and there. Good job taking care of yourself!

  15. I hope all goes well. Keep breathing, you will feel lighter, and think about all the joy people will be getting from all your stuff.

  16. […] on January 9th, before my first big garage sale and when I posted that I’d rather not talk about anything, I got a text from my best friend Ashley. She moved to Chicago 1 1/2 years ago, and when she found […]

  17. […] on January 9th, before my first big garage sale and when I posted that I’d rather not talk about anything, I got a text from my best friend Ashley. She moved to Chicago 1 1/2 years ago, and when she found […]

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