The Real Day 7: A Day of Rest. Aaaaah.

Let me introduce you to my sister–the one who had a baby 7 weeks ago!


She and Baby L. stayed here most of last week, giving me moral support and help whenever Baby L. didn’t need to be changed, or fed, or cleaned up, or walked, or rocked, or talked to. Which, being 7 weeks, was pretty much all the time. She is a workhorse though, and strapped him in to the front pack as often as she could so she’d have 2 hands free. I ❤ her.

We decided after the marathon garage sale yesterday that today would be a day of rest, and this morning we'd all sleep in. Baby L. didn't get the memo. I guess we need to talk to him slower regarding our plans. In any event, even though we didn't sleep in, we did lounge around in bed in our jammies for longer than usual.


To assure everyone it’s not all weepy breakdowns and work work work around here, today was spent chillaxing for the most part. I had a date with my favorite elliptical machine and itunes music, which was fun in a totally exhausting way. We ate mac n’ cheese, and I’m following that up with my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream:

ice cream makes everything better.

Half Baked? yes please. I also have my other favorite flavor in the freezer, Cherry Garcia. And my other favorite flavor, New York Super Fudge Chunk is in there too. I’m well taken care of.

And, I’m totally addicted to –if you have a camera on your computer, you must head over there to take totally ridiculous pictures of yourselve, vintage photobooth style. They talk to you in french and everything!

packing break

And, I’ve read all the comments you all have left and they’ve really brightened my day :). I talked with Hubby, who assured me that in no way was he enjoying driving the Jeep with the top off, or going to the beach on a nice 77 degree day. Riiiiiight.

The highlight was a picture sent from a friend I’ve never even met in real life (yet) but who I met as a fellow unschooling blogger. She organized the “Good Vibrations Conference” last year for unschoolers and is a complete inspiration to me. While on a beach down in San Diego, she said she picked out a spot for me to hang out with them when I make it down there. Thanks Flo!

Now, that’s happiness.

Tomorrow, I attack the playroom. And by attack, I mean, like a spider monkey.


5 Responses

  1. oh, all your posts make me want to throw it all away! my husband gets really nervous when i go into major purge mode. (bwah!) i’ve moved around the country a lot in the past 13 years too – but not since i’ve had kids. whew – that is a load of work! that beach though – has your name written all over it. 😉 perfect.

  2. Brilliant incentive – a whole beach to yourself 🙂

    Sounds like you and your sister are made from the same stern stuff – you’ve done a brilliant job so far, and your chillax day was well deserved.

    Not *completely* sure about combining the elliptical machine workout (shudder) with mac’s and ice-cream, lol, but whatever works!


  3. Hey Tiff! I’d love to come and help you on Thursday (after body pump). Let me know if that works for you.

  4. My pleasure! Can’t wait to (finally!) meet you. ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. she looks great! oh how i miss baby wearing!!! WAHHHHHHHH. ok i’ll sop , not helping here.

    you are a rock star superwoman extraodinaire! you will get through this. you are tough stuff.

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