Day 8: The Unorganized Person’s Guide to Organization.

My task for today was to tackle the playroom, meaning: sort through and group together everything we are giving away, everything we are throwing away, and everything we are keeping. This maybe isn’t such a big deal in a normal, organized person’s house. But I am anything but normal, and anything but organized. And, in fact, ever since realizing we were going to be moving away I’ve kind of slacked off on the ‘picking things up’ routine because I got depressed and figured we’d just have to pack it up anyway so why worry about order and cleanliness.

Therefor, the playroom was in quite a state of disarray:


And actually, this ‘before’ isn’t even that bad, because I’d already done the first step, which is…

STEP 1: go through and throw away any garbage or broken/damaged/mostly lost toys. I like this as a first step, because it’s no big deal to throw garbage away.


It’s harder to sort things to give away, so I save that until after I’ve warmed up a little bit. After throwing away all the garbage materials from the whole room, I go back over it a second time, and this time…

STEP 2: pick out anything you want to keep, and put it in a box. I like this as a second step because again, I don’t have to jump in and start giving things away, which as you all know is hard for me to do. So I sort things into the keep pile second. And then:

STEP 3: everything left over goes into a give away pile.


After doing all that, I was still left with this:


And I wanted to cry because I’d spent all freaking day in there, sifting, sorting and organizing. In order to get closure on the day, I knew I needed to at least get the floors cleared off and all the drawers/closets/bins cleaned out. But I also knew I needed to take Golfer to his basketball practice. And mostly I knew that if I left anything on the ground, it would just accumulate more stuff until the playroom looked like it did before.

So, i cheated a little, and put all the straggler toys on the floor and into a bin–which I then put in Sassy’s room. I haven’t organized her stuff yet, so I just added a little to it from the playroom. But that did the trick, because I now have a mostly clean and organized playroom:


I have to take the give away stuff downstairs, and have the kids vacuum, but other than that it’s totally organized and ready to be packed up. For that whole space I’m only keeping ONE bin full of stuff. Yay me!

However, this list I wrote out last week is hanging over my head.


I’ve crossed out everything I’ve done…but it still leaves so much more I’ve yet to do. And not much time to do it in, if I want to meet my goal of putting the house on the market by the middle of next week. !!!!!


7 Responses

  1. You poor thing! I would probably be crying by now. I HATE packing. As a matter of fact, our last 2 moves, my hubby couldn’t take it anymore and he ended up doing most of it while I smiled in secret. Shh…don’t tell him. I might have to use that trick again. lol. Don’t know what I would do if he left first….never mind…that’s a scary thought. He would probably come back to find me sitting in the middle of the floor.

    Hang in there. I’ll be praying for ya.

  2. The problem is you have too many rooms, but you’re fixing that 😉 You’ve done well so far, you just need to keep going.

    Maybe you could rewrite your to-do list, and just have a couple of things/rooms each day. Then at the end of each day it would feel like you’re powering through. ???

    And rather than work yourself into the grave, it might be better to allow your goal to slip a few days – you’ll still have finished really quickly.

    Sending you positive *vibes*

  3. Basement of Doom – Hehehehe. I guess every has one of those eh?

    Don’t worry too much…it’ll all get done and soon enough you’ll be the one driving the Jeep with the top down. 😉

  4. Love the ‘Basement of Doom’! You are doing so well – you’ll get there. What’s a couple of extra days in the scheme of things?

  5. Tiffany, I feel too overwhelmed to comment. My wishes are with you. And you know what even, my kids and parents know that you are moving. All our wishes !

    I am in some sort of stupor mode. It happens now and then. Just trying hard to tackle it. May be its time for me also to throw away some stuff and create some space .

    Keep going and soon you will be with your man ! ( I can see that it is what keep you going, relentlessly ! )

  6. I stand in awe. A friend had to empty out her house for an international move and it took months (and that was with a whole host of people helping out) so hat’s off to you. You are amazing!

  7. A friend recommended me to check out this post, nice post, fanstatic read… keep up the cool work!

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