Day 10:: A Break In The Weather AND In Packing.

While writing the title just now, it took me a few moments to figure out if it was ‘a break in the weather’ or ‘a brake in the weather’. When my spelling skills deteriorate, I know I’m seriously tired.

Today we welcomed the 50+ degree weather by going to the Denver Zoo. It’s Sassy’s favorite place. I had the kids sit down and tell me all the places they want to go to one last time before we leave, and this was hers. This past week I’ve felt a little mama guilt because as I clean and organize all Sassy wants to do is have ‘together time’ as we call it. “Mama! Let’s have a together time so we can make muffins!” “Mama! Let’s have together time so we can do math!” “Mama, lets have together time so we can play games!” Every time I put her off until after I finish something, or tell her I can’t, I feel badly that precious moments are slipping away. Today was our day to be together, and we did a bang up job of it!


All told, we spent 6 hours there. We walked when we wanted to, rested on the benches when we wanted too, ate what and when we wanted too…I let them lead the way with their map navigation skills, and I mostly watched them laughing and having a good time. That always does a mama good!



The highlight, for me, was when Sassy looked up and said, “This is the best day of my life!”


❤ ❤ ❤

So, internets, I have something to share. Facebook already knows it, but…I chopped my hair off yesterday. They say not to make drastic hair decisions when you're in the middle of a big change, because it may be a reaction to stress rather than what you really want. I must say, this WAS a reaction to stress…as in, it was stressing me out having to deal with doing my hair every day. Because of my unruly curls, I really have to spend quite a bit of time making my hair presentable, and I am tired of it. Plus, it's not like I'm going to have the space in the RV to bring along a big repetoire of hair supply stuff. Anyway, I really really love it! However, I'm not sure how much husbands love it when their wives turn in to what looks like a scrawny boy getting ready to rumble!


Tomorrow, Creative Math Club and then back into the trenches, so to speak. I have a few more closet spaces I have to tame into submission.


15 Responses

  1. haha ha ! so you also do this . I have this habit of cutting my hair when I am under stress or when I feel so bored. hahaha. and then it grows on till I lose my nerves again.

    And one time my husband would not even speak to me for days.

    Did somebody say you should not cut your hair under stress ? well, I will keep that in mind. What happened to your basement ?

    • Oh no!!! I guess that’s one good thing about hubby being out of town for this…he’s still talking to me 😉

      The basement is going on today and tomorrow, updates soon!

  2. Love that Naturalist wears her cloak out! Awesome.

    And I’m with Sassy about zoos, they are the coolest places.

    BTW, your hair looks terrific.

  3. Love the hair!

  4. Your hair looks great! As for making massive changes under stress, if you decide you don’t like it later, at least hair will grow back. Things like tattoos, piercings, and impulsively-bought motorcycles are harder to forget. HAHA!

    Since I started reading your blog, Sassy has grown SO MUCH! WOW, I just realized it with that last picture of her.

    • LOL…ok, I’ll hold off on the tattoos, piercings and motorcycles. Although if I had any ideas for one, I’d totally be up for a tattoo right about now…

  5. I love your hair to pieces! It’s beautiful, cute and sassy. Good for you to take a day off to enjoy the weather. Reading about your flexibility of being able to go to the zoo when the weather is nice (instead of having to wait until a warm Saturday) makes me so excited to begin this journey with my kids.

  6. Do you still use your regular email?
    I love the zoo pics – I love that sassy girl!!! If I haven’t said it already – I love the hair do!!

  7. Wonderful that you all lived in the moment and made the most of your day. Your hair looks great & ready for adventure!

  8. THey are getting HUGE…Tiff its one of the reasons why I wanted to email you…seriously I’m going on a limb here to sound like a lunatic on a public forum, 😉 …but I cried when I saw that pic of Sassy…I can’t even pinpoint why…just wow…I’m emotional anyways this week – not sure why…but just are kids are so valueable, and for some reason whenever I see Sassy I get an extra giggle or an extra tear – shes just so much more…does that make sense? I know I’m a nutcase!

  9. Love the hair! I have gone super short before too. Its fun when everything else feels out of control:) We love to zoo too. Gotta go get the pass renewed. It’s been too long (cuz 2.5 months without the zoo is almost like forever:))

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