Day 17::Clutter’s Last Stand.

Today I attacked the last room in the house. I saved the gnarliest, most toy filled, most out of control room for last. To recap, I’ve organized and mostly packed the playroom, all 7 closets, all 4 bathrooms, the basement, the office, and the kitchen/dining room. (Whew! No wonder I’m exhausted.) The one remaining room? The one where I feared to tread? Sassy’s room.

Exhibit A:


Notwithstanding I piled in a whole bunch of stuff from the playroom and game closet, her room is mostly out of control. She likes to go in before bed and tear around like a tornado, and THEN go to sleep. So, today was the day I was determined to pack it all up or sell it all off or give it all away. The begining part of the day she came in to help me. I would put things in the ‘give away’ pile, and she would help me by picking it up and putting it in her ‘to keep’ pile. She is a chip off the old block (that would be me), after all. Then she got distracted by the television and I went to town getting all the give away stuff out.

I know I’m being drastic with how much stuff I’m giving away/selling, but I’m not holding the kids to that standard. I don’t want them to feel traumatized by this move or that they *have* to give everything away. They can fill as many boxes as they need to get everything they want to take with them. Sassy is a bit tricky, because she’s young and a packrat, just like me. In fact, I had just given away a plastic tiger head that hinged open that we got with a meal at the Denver Zoo. I hadn’t seen her play with it or pick it up in months. The day after I gave it away, she asked me where the tiger head that hinged open was. Darn her memory!

I managed to give away quite a bit of clothes and books and toys (with her permission). All she cares about is that her stuffed animals are taken care of and accounted for.

The Adventures of Rumbly.

While I was hard at work upstairs, my brother was busy in the garage. Remember the garage yesterday?


He put an ad in Craigslist which read as follows:

“So it’s finally the last day of the $1 sale. Regardless of original price or size, regardless of whether you believe me or not, regardless of the laws of economics…EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR. So come have a great day searching through organized rows of

Fine Home Decor…candle holders, dish sets, various and sundry things used to make my sisters home look beautiful while she lived here

Christmas Decorations…lighted garland, other crap like that

Books!…She’s a crazy independant super sweet home-school mama


So we’ll be here until 8 tonite, email me and I’ll get you the address


PS. Seriously, get over her so I can help load your car with stuff for super cheap!!!!”

The promise of organized and beautiful crap really got the people out, and by the end of the day we were left with this:


He took most of that to a local charity drop off, and I’ll take the books/clothes/toys to various women’s shelters and schools around here.

I kind of stalled out in Sassy’s room. With about a box full of stuff still on the ground after being in her room for hours, I had to stop and do something else. I took the girls to get their hair cut and then came back to a lovely dinner cooked by my lovely brother. Then he treated us to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and THEN we all sat down to watch Bear Grylls in “Man vs. Wild”. It’s only, like, our most favorite show. And now, dear internets, I am going to go to bed and dream of the ocean.

sea green

But before I do, I’ll leave you with a little excerpt from my diary, circa ’87. Even before blogging existed, I was doing it! Get ready for a peak into a 15 year old girl’s mind. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you laugh at me, I can take it.

“In the past week, the only thing notable is that on Wed., a guy named B., a junior in my high school, asked me out. He said it very romantically (that’s sarcastic-I get that way a lot. It bugs a lot of people too. Especially J. Ha! J.! Remind me to tell you about him!) B. mumbled “I’ve put this off too long” then said, “Will you go out with me?” just like I would say to someone ‘Would you like a sandwich’. I got this awful feeling inside. I can’t figure out why. Maybe because of my last encounter with ‘going out’. Of course, J. was involved…”

Did I agree to go out with B.? Who is J., and what happened the last time we ‘went out’? This diary is like the funniest, most dramatic soap opera ever!


11 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to find out! I can still ground you, missy. Dad

  2. ha! i love your dad’s response! 🙂 what a great post. i can’t imagine doing what you’re doing, but it seems like the coolest adventure ever. hang in there deary. not much longer. x

  3. I love the way even in your diary you were writing to an audience 🙂

    Currently feeling really…tempted…by the idea of a $1/£1 sale – to get rid of lots of stuff. What’s that about?

  4. Garage looks great! Can’t wait for you to get down here!

  5. You have a great caring brother there. It reminds me so much of my brother who is now away with his job.

    Get this all done fast. I have a feeling u will really detach ur self and get over it that u wont be having anything left for the RV.

    Sometimes giving away things can really make us crazy.

    Love what ur dad said. He is also waiting eagerly to know what happened hahaha !

  6. Love the diary entry 🙂

    My son is like that too – never wants to throw anything away. He does seem to be getting (slightly) better with age though..

  7. love the diary excerts…waiting for the conclusion!!!
    tidbit on my boy…I say “matthew we really need to get this room cleaned up” few minutes later, he comes out with a squished up water gallon container and says “yea, I’m done with this” WTH?!?! I didn’t even know he had it in his room! Plus, the boy saves the price tags from his clothes…?!?! I go to throw it out and he says “mom…you know I save those” all I can say is …5 year olds!!

  8. The diary entries are so awesome! But what did “going out” at 15 mean you did? Because you couldn’t single-date ’till you were 16, so…

    • don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about the old “group date” switcheroo where you meet up together and then splinter off into couples?!?!

  9. LOL! I wanna know your family! Would they mind adopting a 35 year old woman from OK? 🙂

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