Day 20::Groundhog Days.

Today I woke up early, took Golfer to his basketball game, watched him play his little heart out, then came back home to clean, organize and pack. and then clean, organize, and pack some more. And then, when I got tired of that, I organized, packed and cleaned. Time has no meaning in my little world lately. I just go from room to room, cleaning, packing, and purging, as if I were doing penance for accumulating so much stuff.

The good news is that I started my day in a much happier place…a little sleep and a boy named Golfer cuddling beside me all night helped.


I’m at the point in this moving journey to think about putting the house on the market next week. I’ve purged my house of everything we didn’t need, didn’t use, didn’t want, did want but didn’t need, wished we could have kept but just don’t have enough room in the RV, and did want and need but found someone else who wanted and needed it worse. All the stuff we want to keep is mostly in boxes now. So I’m starting on the far side of our house and sweeping across the length of it, making sure there is no more clutter or things left. Once I clear a room, the kids come in behind me with a vacuum and cleaning supplies to clean it out properly.

It’s only fitting that while doing this, over and over, day after day, I start listening to songs repetitively. Today I couldn’t find my mojo until I cranked up Weezer’s ‘Simply Pages‘. It’s hard not to be peppy while singing and dancing to it:

“Gimme some love, gimme some love, gimme some I want you to know
Gimme some love, gimme some love, sugar thats the wrong wrong way to go
Open your arms, open your arms honey, and come right back home to me
Gimme some love, gimme some love, sugar thats the wrong wrong way to be

Can’t you see
We’re to be this time
Simple pages on my mind…”

Although, after 4 hours, it made me really miss Hubby. In the last 20 days, I’ve seen him for 2 of them. We all miss him for different reasons…Sassy especially misses his tickles. After a while I took a break and found him on Skype for the first time, and it was SOOO nice to talk to him. He even got to tickle Sassy!

skype tickles

skype love.

Mad love, y’all!

I expect tomorrow I’ll sweep through more of the house, room by room. It’s amazing, even after I thought I’d cleared most of them out, I’m ending up with a lot more stuff to give away going through the house a second and third time. It’s exhausting. It also feels like the same day over and over again–the only way I have any sense of time is because I have to put the title on these posts every day. I can’t believe this was the 20’th day. Here’s hoping that tomorrow I can keep focused and determined all day long!


7 Responses

  1. Hey, how come you have a super cute skype picture of you, but kinda goofy looking pictures of me!!! Maybe you just caught us both in our natural state of being…Miss you babe.

  2. How lovely this post is. How lovely you two are 🙂

    The end is in sight! Yay!

    You are on the other side now – the actual move is so much closer. Exicting, exciting, EXCITING!!!

  3. Listing the house will be a huge step forward. Thank you for being so real about your journey, so refreshing to read a blog that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

  4. love the skype pics…slowly talking hubby into getting me a web camara!

  5. Awwww, that’s so sweet it makes my teeth hurt.

    So glad to hear you’ve found an inner respite from the chaos.

    Love the pic of your Hubby virtually tickling Sassy and her reaction.

    Daughter is 14 now and all Hubby has to do is hold out his hands and wiggle his fingers in front of her and she still giggles like she’s 5.

    Awesome stuff. 🙂

  6. wow — remember back on day 2 when you thought it was day 3?? moving right along, lady. you’ll be on the beach before you know it.

  7. […] only talks women speak but also has a sense of humor, it’s going on the market tomorrow…Groundhog Day. So fitting, as I’ve felt like I’ve been living the same freaking day for the last 29. […]

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