Day 28::How The Universe Speaks To Women.

Lots of people have wondered if purging my life from everything I own (or, mostly everything I own) feels ‘freeing’ or ‘happy’ or ‘light’. At this point, I can say, “not really.” At this point, I’m still a little traumatized by the quick and surgical removal of so much from my house. The past 28 days have been a shock and awe approach to getting rid of all my possessions. I feel a little queasy about it.

When I picked up Ashley from the airport, she asked me how I was feeling…how I was holding up. I told her that I was pretty much at the end of my rope, and had very little mental stamina left to deal with executive decisions anymore. Which made it perfect for her to be here, because that’s where she excels. So, she broke down her goals for the week, and then added, “I’d LOVE to go to Beau Jo’s pizza once before I leave!” then she paused. “You don’t happen to have any stuff to make coffee in your house, do you?” I said no. She added, “I can always drive up to the Starbucks, I guess.”

As we got back to my house and started cleaning, organizing, and purging a desktop area in my kitchen, something stuck between stacks of mostly garbage fluttered out at me. Guess what it was? A $50 gift certificate to Beau Jo’s! !!! Right now you’re saying, “Shut UP!” and I’m saying “I KNOW!!!” but it totally happened! And that’s not all. Delving further into the pile of stuff, out fluttered not one, not two, not three, but FOUR Starbucks gift cards, for $25 each. !!!! Shut UP, right?! I KNOW!!! I told her to take one for herself, and the 3 other ones for the friends back in Chicago who watched her girls so she could come here to be with me.

“The Universe is trying to tell you something” Ashley observed. “If you clear yourself of meaningless clutter and possessions, you’ll find even more abundance in your life.” It was hard to argue with that as I sat and ate my free pizza and Starbucks hot chocolate.

But the clincher? In another room, at another pile, I uncovered another gift certificate. This time, to Mizuna, a fanfreakingtastic restaurant in downtown Denver. It’s pricey, so I’ve never been. When I showed the gift card to Ash, she was excited, and then added she had only packed jeans, and I had packed everything but my jeans, so we had nothing fancy to wear. And then I remembered the dresses. In my garage sale, two black dresses hadn’t sold, so I’d hung them up in the hall closet. Ashley then wondered what we would wear to keep out the cold. And wouldn’t you know, further in the hall closet hung two leather coats that hadn’t sold, either.

We got dressed up in the only clothes that would have been appropriate and checked ourselves out in the mirror. “The Universe is trying to tell you something” said Ashley. “I think it’s trying to tell you that if you stop worrying about trying to provide or buy whatever it is you think you need for the future, the future will make sure it provides you with what you’ll need.” (which totally mirrors a comment made on this blog a week or so ago, and so my ears perked up with this second retelling of it.)

It’s hard to argue with that logic while eating the best Colorado lamb with goat cheese, wilted spinach salad with a candied pear, and mac and cheese with lobster in it…while wearing exactly what we needed that happened to remain in a house full of nothing.

on the town

It’s beginning to dawn on me that I haven’t been great at listening to the Universe while being surrounded by all the stuff I had in my house. I never did get why the Buddha gave up everything he had to sit under a bodhi tree. I think I get it now. Stuff gets in the way of the transmission. And strangely enough, Ashley was right. The less stuff I have around me, the more abundant my life feels in so many ways. I never noticed it until the Universe decided to speak to me through gift certificates and black dresses.

on the town

Who knew the Universe spoke woman?!


17 Responses

  1. Very freaky! But very cool šŸ™‚

  2. I did, I knew. The things is, it’s one of those things that people have to figure out for themselves. Try just telling someone that the Universe listens to them and they think you’re a new age loonie toon. šŸ˜›

  3. wow!! that is so incredible and wonderful. i love when the universe sends obvious signs like that.

  4. I’m totally crying here. That is the most amazing story. I love it soooooooo much!! I’m so glad Ashley came to see you.

  5. love.this.

    and don’t you just love Ashley to bits for being your interpreter?! she’s fabulous!

  6. Black dresses no less. You couldn’t put this in a fictional story, because… no one. would. believe you. (Seeing as how we haven’t met, I’m wondering still. But I know too much from your blog – I pretty much have to believe. I do look forward to meeting you for real, though.)

    I never wear dresses, but I got a slinky black dress for my mom’s 65th birthday surprise party at a second hand store (6 bucks) that looks great, and is comfy to boot! I get to wear it on Halloween, when I’m being my witchy self.

    Too cool. :^)

  7. Oh, yeah. I almost cried too.

  8. this is so incredible!! i love how perfectly things fell together time after time!

    beautiful heart bokeh! šŸ™‚

  9. […] Day 28::How The Universe Speaks To Women. […]

  10. hi, this is so very cool.

    I have always been picking clues from the universe or whatever it is. Actually it leads my life. I take clues from my life graph and my intuitions . And I tell you it is worth it.

    I think it is the scorpio trait to see beyond what others can see.

  11. That’s awesome! See, you’ve found something positive to focus on. Good job!

  12. I’m so happy you found all those gift cards!! And you two ladies look LOVELY!

  13. WOW! What an amazing story!! And your photos rock ! How the heck did you get those little heart lights all over the table??

  14. […] today, she walked through the house and approved it to go on the market! And, to prove the Universe not only talks women speak but also has a sense of humor, it’s going on the market tomorrow…Groundhog Day. So […]

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