Day 30::get ready, get set….

we’re about to go!

My original plan was to pack everything up today so we could leave at 5 am tomorrow and try to drive the 16 hours to So. Cal straight through. Spending any more time in a place that wasn’t going to be home anymore was driving me crazy. Just kind of emotional and twitchy. And not just me, but Sassy too. The older kids are fine, but Sassy and I have been joined at the hip. I don’t know if she’s reading my emotions or having some of her own, but we’re both vibeing the same way.


BUT, that would have meant last minute cleaning and organizing and stress all night tonight, and by about 4 this evening (because here, it starts getting dark around then!) I realized I was overwhelmed and snappy with the kids. And the thought of spending our last night in this house with me being witchy made me change my mind about our travel plans. I’ll finish everything up tomorrow morning and drive 8 or so hours till I get into Utah, and then we’ll find a hotel with a pool and hang out there overnight. Hotels are Sassy’s favorite part of any trip!

So I emptied the last of our fridge and freezer and told the kids we weren’t going to bed until every last spoonful of ice cream was eaten. We watched the sunset over the Rocky Mountains. We snuggled all together in my bed and told stories about living in this house for the last 5 years. We skyped with Hubby, and showed him the pillow I drew a face on to make it into a Daddy everyone could snuggle with while he’s been gone.


Now everyone’s asleep, and I have a date to keep with my oversized jetted tub and some bubble bath. And a book that I’m excited to bring down to the beach with me, it’s been such a great read but I haven’t had much time for it…1906: A Novel

I have some pictures of everything I’ve ended up keeping, everything I packed into my car, and the huge amount of trash we cleared out of here…but I’m just oh so tired and will save them for a little later.

The Universe gave me another little gift while I was driving down the road–I think she feels kinda bad about everything she’s put me through this month, and so she gave me a promise written on a bumper sticker:


I’m taking that to the bank!

Thank you for all the encouragement and comments I’ve received, I read them when I need a break from all this crazy!


10 Responses

  1. proud of you =)

  2. Hi,
    Wow! So much happened in your life by the time I came back from my India trip. It is amazing to read all that you have accomplished in the past few weeks.

    I wish you all the best in your new journey. CA is beautiful and you will love it here. I hope you would continue to write your new adventures…

  3. Congrats Tiff! You are my hero. Such courage, determination and faith.

    Enjoy the road trip and your reunion with Hubby. And of course, the beaches of California!

    Big Hugs! šŸ™‚

  4. My daughter’s favorite part of most trips is the hotel, the pool, the spa, the ice machine. As one who has driven to Seattle for So. Cal. (that’s two 14 hour days in a row), I say stop, rest, let the kiddos out. Please be safe, I’d love to see you after you get settled in to your new life.

  5. Tiff you are amazing and such an inspiration! I know what you mean about change. I LOVE change…I HATE changing! You have done the hard part and now you get to start the road to the fun part. I’ll be thinking of you and kids and praying your travels go smoothly on your way to CA. You ROCK!

  6. teary eyes reading this…. wish you all the best on the road….careoke all the way x.

  7. ready, set…


  8. Congratulations!!! The best is yet to come and it will come since you most certainly deserve it.
    Enjoy the hotel pool and tell Sassy to remember to jump on the bed a few times šŸ™‚
    Safe driving!

  9. I am with you.
    (I am still on earlier stages of the process. And I will keep more than 2% of my belongings. But nevertheless, I relate to all you tell!)
    Keep strong, mama, the road is waiting!

  10. wow. you have done an absolutely amazing job in such a short amount of time. it’s been great to follow along and you’ve totally inspired me to clear out the clutter from my home.

    safe travels and best wishes as you begin this new journey!

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