Strange New World.

We arrived in So. Cal this past Thursday. When we left Colorado, it had just snowed and we were all bundled up in our winter clothes. The further west we traveled, the warmer the weather got. Then when we turned south on I-15 and hit Mesquite, it was positively balmy. So balmy, in fact, we traded our bare winter trees for green palm trees and green grass.


The first thing Sassy said when she got out of the minivan once we got to Orange County was, “Mamma! Get out of the car! Without your coat! It’s so WAAAAAAARM! I LOOOOOOVE it!” We traded in 30 degree weather for 60 degree weather in the space of 2 days.

It rained all Friday and Saturday, but it was a warm relaxing rain that made laying around very suitable. And all I wanted to do was lay around. I could barely put two words together, and my thoughts are still rather undefined. I think those are all symptoms of PTPD, post traumatic packing disorder.

strange land.

Precipitation without snow…what a concept!

And today Hubby and I drove around to a few RV parks to see where we want to be the next week. It was a beautiful day, and being by the beach made me feel like I’d finally arrived home.

Doheny Beach

Or, rather, someplace I’m OK with making my home. I feel like most of me is still back in Colorado, so experiencing this new place in So. Cal is unsettling and a bit confusing–my first instinct is to put on my snow boots and heavy winter jacket before going outside.

Not that I’m complaining, of course. How could I with days like this?!


I’ve traded in snow for sand, all in a few day’s time. It’s hard to wrap my brain around it, but I’m giving it a shot. Maybe hanging out in an RV all next week on the beach will help me adjust better! I’ll let you know how it goes…


9 Responses

  1. I imagine it will take a while for it to sink in that this is your new home. Still, warm weather and beach – works for me 😉

    Love the wellies 🙂

  2. It looks positively dreamy there. I hope you adjust soon. If not, I will gladly trade places with you! It’s snowing here today!!!
    But in all seriousness, it will take a while to adjust. But I hope you adjust soon and begin to love your new home!!

  3. Enjoy the warmth! The snow is really coming down in Erie!

  4. oh. i’m needing a bit of that. photos are beautiful. so glad you are there. ((hugs))

  5. that looks soooo good. enjoy it!!

  6. You MADE IT!!!

    Yay you! Enjoy your unwinding time now.


  7. I know exactly how you are feeling!!! Last year we moved from Alaska to Key Largo in february. When we left Fairbanks, bundled up in polar fleece and snow boots, it was 30 below. When we got to the Keys we were in swim suits and flip flops because it was 70 degrees! That’s a 100 degree difference in a day!!! It was surreal!
    And now, here we are back in Alaska a year later. My brain may be permanently warped!LOL!
    Anyway, glad to hear you made it safe and sound and are all together again. That’s the best thing of all.

  8. beautiful! so happy you’ve made it!! can’t believe everything you did to get there!!!!

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