An RV, Huntington Beach, and a trip to the ER.

This post is coming to you via my WordPress app on my iPhone. Even though I loathe typing on this infernal thing I’ll do it. My blog has become my message in a bottle, and all during the day I read your comments and know I’m not alone on my adventure.

Speaking of adventure, we’re all in the ER! At 10:30 pm! For stitches for Naturalist, who met up with the business end of a sharp pair of scissors. Incidentally we’re at the same hospital Golfer was born at 10 years ago!

Visiting the hospital with 3 tired kids wasn’t really in my plans, but things not going according to my plans IS part of my plan…so this weirdly works out just right. Although I haven’t told anyone they lock the gates to the RV park after 10, so we’ll have a nice half mile walk to the RV. !!!

But when we go to sleep finally, we’ll have the Pacific ocean in our ears. And we’ll wake up 15 feet from the beach.

They’re about to clean her wound and either stitch it or dermabond it, depending on what Naturalist prefers. Wish us luck!


12 Responses

  1. OMG! your right down the street from me!
    We’ve got to meet up!
    email me sagepixie at gmail dot com

    Love and Laughter,

  2. Hey, naturalist looks like a grown up girl. in one month !!!! looking gorgeous! Now my son is studying about birds and I remember her always .

    Waiting for photos from the RV ! Did you manage to settle ur things inside ?
    You are really tempting me with the beach stories !
    Have a great time!
    Btw Tiffany, I have been reading a lot of Nora Roberts lately. And your style is almost exactly like hers ! Why cant you try writing a book ? I think you have it in you !

  3. Why do you have all 3 with you at 1030pm? Is Todd not around to watch 2 while you take only the injured to the ER?

    That pic of the RV sitting 18 inches from the sand has me swooning. SWOONING!

  4. Hey, Liran was wondering how you fit all those green chairs in your RV…. 😉 He then asked for pictures from inside your RV – I second the request!

  5. Yes to what everyone has said. We need pictures of the inside of the RV, pronto!!! And where the heck was Todd?? And yes, you should write a book! I love your style. It would be a hit.

    Even though you’re having a hard time, you’re tempting me to do something similar (after I have the baby and he/she is 3 or 4). When you die, you will be glad you did this. You won’t have any regrets. You won’t say “what if?” And even if it doesn’t work out, you tried!! And you will have a grand adventure.

    By the way, I know my brother uses Skype on his cell phone. He doesn’t have an iPhone (so no video) but I’m wondering if you could do Skype w/ video on the iPhone. Just an idea for you to keep you sane!!
    Hugs to you!!!!

  6. Oh man, I guess one more thing to add to your adventure log. You have quite a young lady on your hands. She is growing up so fast! The photos of the beach are amazing. What a gift you are giving your kids!

  7. Eek! Ok, you’re getting adventure mad now – just stick with the beach adventure!

    And I’d like a photo of inside and outside the RV please. (I’m not nosy…really!) It doesn’t look too big from that photo, but how would you all fit???

  8. The view from the RV looks amazing.

  9. OUCH! welcome to cali eh? geesh.

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