Where to begin when everything is so new?

It’s only been 5 days since I started this RV adventure…to be sure I prefer it to packing up and selling off my house for the past month. But then again, I had a hot shower and personal bathroom in my house!

There’s nothing to compare this shift to in my life. I’m without a touchpoint or reference. I’m feeling like house living has left me soft and spoiled and overly pampered.

For instance, today I took the most depressing shower of my life…and that was before the hot water ran out. The tank is 6 gallons, so I turned it on to get wet, off to lather up, on to rinse off, etc. I love long hot showers–I do my best thinking in them! But this was not relaxing in the least. I got my hair washed and one leg shaved when the hot water ran out. I guess tomorrow I’ll finish the other leg.

And the kitchen! The kitchen! I am only able to pack in:
*one large pan, that I use for cooking/boiling/everything

*5 plates/small plates/bowls/cups

*4 knives

*one measuring cup

*stackable bowls

*assorted spoons/spatulas

*cute little teapot for our hot chocolate water that I should probably do without, but I’m no barbarian! A girl needs things!!!

It’s shocking to be without my holiday themed bakeware and muffin tins. I don’t even have an oven that isn’t part of the microwave.

So the daily living is taking some adjusting to, but the actual lifestyle we have is easy like Sunday morning. Sassy and I spent time down on the beach, picking out special seashells to give each other and talking about lots of things 5 year olds are interested in. She made up her own word: killion. As in, I told her I loved being with her a billion, and she said I was as much fun as a killion–which is much more than a billion. More than infinity even!

Everything we do outside the RV is a piece of cake…adjusting to life inside the RV is a little bit of work! But I’m up for the challenge! (kind of!). (mostly!) (except the shower thing is bumming me out).


6 Responses

  1. I saw this quote and thought of you, your downsizing nd your new digs. 🙂

    “After a visit to the beach, it’s hard to believe that we live in a material world.” ~Pam Shaw

  2. Oh, the shower. This is reminding me of one time when I was still living on the bus and we pulled into a campground as a special treat. I was so excited about the shower facilities! I grabbed a big handful of quarters, some towels, soap, shampoo, and practically skipped over to the showers. I couldn’t wait. It had been… a long time. It was chilly outside, too. At the time I would have said “cold” but I didn’t know cold then. Anyway, I filled up the thing with quarters and the water came on — excellent water pressure it had — and it was stone cold. Cold water. No matter how much I jiggled the handle, turned it to the H, it stayed cold. Blasting and cold. I very clearly remember putting my head against the wall in the shower stall and crying.

    I’m not really cheering you up, am I? Um… this too shall pass?! You need to make friends — quick! — with people who have real showers… then you’ll be all set… : )

    • I love your stories about your time on ‘the bus’! Glad to know I’m not the only one to cry over a shower, lol!

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  3. But the bonus? fewer dishes to wash!! I just spent an hour yesterday washing every tea cup, every pan, pot, and cookie sheet in my house!!

    But the shower thing, that sucks…. How close does your dad live to you? You better start visiting daily! lol!!

    Thinking of you. I know it will get better. And to be able to see the sunrise and sunset, every single day? I can’t imagine. That would help a ton!!

    And you seriously filled up all of the storage on the outside of the RV? Check all of those compartments!!

    Hugs to you!

  4. I think once you settle into the new routine you’ll wonder…oh, who am I kidding…

    I LOVE my shower, I’ve never been one for baths, and I would really lament the loss of my shower no matter how much beach time I got in trade.

    I agree with everyone else, mooch as much “real” shower time as you can from family and friends. 🙂

    And most of all revel in being able to be “as much fun as a killion” because at the end of the day, crappy shower or not, that’s what it’s all about.


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