Friday nights are jumpin’ at the RV park!

This will be short and sweet…I’ve got a hot date tonight here at the rv park! My dad is watching the kids, I took a nice long shower at his place, and there’s a full on party over here with every space now full of rv’s and their owners.

Apparently, this place in Huntington Beach is in high demand for the weekends–most people put in their requests a full 6 months before now. When we drove up to get a space they just happened to have a cancellation so we got right in. Thank you, universe, I’m slowly learning to have faith in you. This was a nice touch!

Between this post and the next, be thinking about a space in your house that is out of control or that you want to reclaim from chaos! I’ve come up with a quick and easy way to declutter your spaces and in turn your life. That’ll have to wait for next time, though.

There are campfires, music, and new people to meet with sweet fancy RV’s!


One Response

  1. Yee-haw! Looks like fun. Glad you got that other leg shaved. Let us know if you run into a few snowbirds named Bill and Carol (aka dad and stepmom)

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