I found something i covet more than chocolate.

You’ll never guess what it is. I’ll even give you three hints, and you still won’t figure it out: it’s something you use every day, there are lots of them around you, you’ve used them for your whole life.

Answer: drawers! Drawers drawers drawers.

Drawer space is limited in this RV. Not that I’m complaining (very much). I love every second I’m in here. But when I packed our remaining things from our house, I couldn’t conceive that there wouldn’t be a bunch of drawers.

I’ll show you what I mean (again, the pics embed at the end, I’ll try to go chronologicaly so you can match up the description with the pics).

There are ten total drawers in this place, I’ll show you pictorally since wordpress has deleted my posts about this twice and I’m now so pissed off I never want to use this app ever again or type another word about drawers.

The kids and I share one closet and 2 1/2 drawers between us. We’ve gone from 4700 square feet (or, about 940 square feet per person) to 25 sq feet (or, 5 square feet per person). This is very humbling. But I can smile about it because in a very real way, having a small space to live in has forced us out into the world. And that gives us a billion square feet each, even if it doesn’t come with drawer space.

That, and I’ve been in a bathing suit for 15 consecutive days. Turns out, I don’t need as much as I thought I did to make me happy!


9 Responses

  1. you rock.
    you are one amazing momma! you could probably write a book on how you went from 4700 square feet to 25 square feet. 🙂

  2. I totally agree — write a book! At the very least, publish your blog in book format:)

  3. Wow!! Crazy things you’d never think about! But really, all you need is a bathing suit and some cute sundresses so that shouldn’t take up too much space.Ha ha!!
    You look so happy and cute! I’m so glad you did this!!
    It’s a good lesson for all of us about how stuff can weigh us down and keep us from experiencing the really juicy moments in life!!

  4. Tiff,

    So proud of you guys. I would love to do what you are doing for a time. Anyway, loved the pic with Sassy holding the sand dollar. Cool if you could do pic of the sand dollar after you have broken it to see how many birds inside. (The Legend of the Sanddollar)

    You guys are a riot hope you all having a great time

  5. Yay – who needs drawers when you have bathing costumes and beaches!
    Still think you’re brilliant 🙂

  6. I understand that its smaller than your house, but 25 sq.ft.-NOT! Thats like 4 X 6 ft! Its 8 X 25 ft or 200 sq. ft., & thats a huge 40 sq. ft. per person. What will you do with all that room?

  7. yay for 15 days in a bathing suit.
    casey is doing that too but it is a little chilly here….

  8. Amazing biceps!

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