The Legend of the Golden Shell.

Almost every morning, Sassy and I go out for a walk along the beach. Turns out, that is an excellent way to start a day!

Pacific blue

We come across a handful of people out with their metal detectors, looking for lost treasure. Sassy was really envious of the people with them. Especially when she saw them sifting through the sand. “Look mama! They found something! A treasure! I wish I had a treasure finding machine! Then I could find treasure too!” The day we saw a little boy with a little metal detector, it almost sent her over the edge.

That was the day I happened upon a gold seashell.

the legend of the golden shell

“Sassy! Do you know what this is?!”
“No mama. What is it? It’s so shiny!”
“This is part of the lost city of Atlantis! See how it’s so gold? They say the streets are lined with golden shells, this must have been a part of it! And sometimes the tides wash away parts of the city, and they end up here on the beach for lucky people to find!”
“Mama! It’s a treasure!”
“A very rare treasure, Sassy. It’s not every day you find pieces of the lost city.”
“Mama, is that the city where all the things we lose show up? Is that why it’s lost?”
I laughed, because I hadn’t thought about it that way. But, sounded good to me.
“Absolutely. Maybe the same time you found this golden shell, a little girl in the lost city of Atlantis found one of your lost littlest pet shop animals!”
She thought about that for a while, clutching on to the golden shell.

And then we found a sand dollar:


“Ooooh! Sassy! This is what they use as money in Atlantis! We found more treasure!”

It wasn’t long before she’d filled up one of her blue sandcastle building buckets with all sorts of seashells.


A successful morning for finding pretty shells.

On our way back to the RV, as we passed another man with a metal detector, Sassy pulled on my hand and said, “Mama, I don’t need a metal detector to find treasure. I can just use my eyes!!!”

And that is how finding a golden shell went from a normal thing to part of a legend of Atlantis and then to a reminder that we all have treasure detectors. It’s just remembering to use them to find the good things all around us. That’s the trick.



10 Responses

  1. Lovely story and great photos! A new legend of Atlantis 🙂

  2. what a great post/moment! i love shells like that one.♥ i also love that cool blue nail polish. :))

  3. Beautiful! Your kids are so fortunate to have you. You rock. 🙂

  4. Most people never achieve such wisdom that Sassy has achieved in her tender years. Bravo!

  5. Adorable!!! 🙂

  6. Hey Tiff! What fun. My favorite treasure is sea glass – can’t get enough of it. I’m quite envious of your blue toes and KILLER TAN! Even if I lived in an RV by the ocean I couldn’t get a tan like that. Soooo green with envy.

  7. so great tiff – your story in itself is magic to me.

    but holy moly girl, look at that tan you have going!

  8. […] we’re living on the beach, Sassy and I love to wake up and spend the morning collecting seashells. We walk leisurely, heads down, slowly ambling our way through a trail of […]

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