Vegas, Baby!

In a fabulous twist of fate, Hubby has a work conference at the Four Seasons in Vegas this week. So, this RV Mama farmed the kids out to my desert dwelling mama and flew off to Vegas for a few days.

I was unprepared for the culture shock going from living on the beach to staying in such a nice hotel! The Four Seasons is set hiiiigh atop the Mandalay Bay hotel. As in, I’m 39 stories up, which is way cool unless you happen to be freakishly afraid of heights. So afraid of heights that you can’t even look up without feeling vertigo, let alone looking way way down.

We have our own special key and our own special entrance and our own special express elevator that just services the top 5 floors that the 4 Seasons takes up.

They leave a newspaper every morning, but not outside the door on the floor…it’s hung on the door in it’s own linen sack!

When I came back to the lobby after my run, 3 doormen asked if they could go and get me water before I’d even made it through the front doors!

The bed is huge and soft with fluffy pillows, the bathroom is bigger than the entire RV, and it has a bathtub and shower in it! It’s pretty much heaven.

You know the scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere leaves Julia Roberts alone in the hotel room and she jumps on the bed in her robe and then takes a bath listening to Prince? I totally recreated it the first day we were here!

I really never thought I could feel so happy over a bathroom and big bed. This hotel room is 3 times bigger than the RV, but after 2 nights I kind of miss cramming everyone in 30 square feet and then waking up with all 3 kids and a dog piled up in the queen sized bed with us. And I never thought I’d feel so happy about that, either!


7 Responses

  1. You deserve a cozy vacay with your hubby! Glad you enjoyed it. Just curious, what camera do you use? I’m looking for a new camera (yay for tax returns!).

  2. Dang! Now I’m really sad we didn’t get to come over 🙂 I love that scene in Pretty Woman. Not that I wanted to see you in the bathtub…I just wanted to see the room. Ha. You know what I mean. Hope we can somehow connect tomorrow! xxoo

  3. Livin’ large in Vegas!

  4. sweet! live it up!

  5. If you are still here, you should definitely visit the Springs Preserve. There is no museum like it that I have ever encountered.

  6. Hi Tiffany, Hope you are fine. Regards !

  7. Having withdrawal from your posts Tiff…….. 🙂

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