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Introducing….The Happy Janssens!

While in Vegas last week, I had the very brief and serendipitous opportunity to meet up with the Happy Janssens, a family of four who are experts at this whole RV living thing. I was pointed to their blog last month, and since then have become a total devotee to their whole philosophy of life and travel.

Even though we’d never met or spoke in person…or even really communicated at all beyond a few email and texts…when they swung by the hotel to pick me up for some Thai food I felt like we were old established friends. We already had so much in common…unschooling, RV living with kids, choosing an unconventional lifestyle, a deep love for our Canon cameras…so there was never a lull in the conversation. By the end of our night, I felt like I’d met a soul sister in Sara.

My camera battery died that day, so I have no photographic evidence of our night, but luckily Sara had hers and made me my very own set on Flickr! See Lucy gnaw on my finger, which in baby language means she thinks I’m the coolest person she’s ever met (but seriously, how cute is that little girl?! So!) Here’s big sis Bella pointing out the exclusive Four Seasons Elevator that we took up 39 floors, and where I had a run in with Cameron Diaz. And then there’s the arm length self portrait of Sara and I.

After Thai food, they came up to my hotel room where we all agreed that the Four Season’s bed was the MOST comfortable bed we’d ever felt. Somehow Sara, Bella, Lucy, and I all ended up enveloped in the comfy down softness. At this point I thought it would be a perfect time for an impromptu interview. Using my newfound video powers on my iphone, I created my very first video interview! Being that it’s my first interview, I kind of stink at it. But! It was a lot of fun! In fact, most of the 6 minutes is me giggling. What can I say, we had a good time together! I love what Sara has to say about really embracing change, challenge, and a dream!

I know most of you won’t ever sell everything you own to live in an RV, but you have your own dreams that will take a leap of faith. And listening to people talk about their own wild leaps is so encouraging to me, regardless of the story. Inspiration comes in so many forms. So, I wanted to get down in a video the answers to questions I had about their RV experience, knowing that it would apply to anyone trying to take a step out of the box and into a dream.

—check them out!—
Walk Slowly, Live Wildly
Happy Foody
Sara Janssen photography


9 Responses

  1. Ok now as I posted last night I fell inlove with your blog as I sat and looked for the longest time. I found you through Saras blog. I love this post! It was great. After this post I thought about it and my fear is my husbands job. So I need to think about this. Thanks so much!
    Blessed Adventures

  2. now i’m seriously bummed i couldn’t make it! looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. This speaks to me.. we are leaving June 30th and it took us an entire year to get the “spunk” up… My husband works for Homeland (teases me often that I am going to be on a watch list reading all these blogs) and he is finally able to walk on disability. Our 3 kids are ready…. I dont know about the sell everything part as that still puts a lump in our stomach…I am amazed how fast you were able to do it…..we took it very slow and now we are 4 months away finishing up the cyber thing… we have lots of friends and family we cannot wait to see….we dont know how long we can do it for but oh well

  4. Yay! We had so much fun. Can’t wait to meet your whole family on the road someday. much love xxoo

  5. That’s so awesome!

    Making new friends is always so exciting…I think it’s even better for adults than it is for kids. When we’re kids I think we take it for granted but by adulthood we begin to realize how precious good friends are and able to better appreciate what it feels like to really connect with others.


  6. I am so happy to read your blog! i’ve been reading Sara’s for a while and this is so cool to find her here too!

    You are the kick in the but we needed. We’ve been planning to hit the road fulltime for too long and are planning too much. We gave ourselves 2 years to get it going (sell house, conversion of the bus, sell things, and such) and I am sooooo scared that giving ourselves “that long” is going to…you know…scare us for good.

    So, reading you made me stand up and yell: C’mon, get packing NOW!


  7. This looks like so much fun! Sara and family came to do my dreads after visiting you in Vegas, and although they weren’t in my bed with me, it’s so true that bonding happens quickly after “meeting” online first.

  8. all these bloggers i *love* reading are all getting to know each other in real life lately! i’m in the wrong part of the country. πŸ˜‰ looks like a great time.

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