Imagine 21st Century Learning…

Can you? Have you? Is it what our kids are getting in schools now?

When I pulled Naturalist out of school 5 years ago, I thought it was because there was something ‘wrong’ with her. Because the school system implied it with their (illegal) suggestions to medicate her for ‘issues’ like not paying attention, not listening, not being able emotionally to sit in a classroom. But now that I’ve watched her thrive outside a standardized classroom, I know there’s nothing wrong with her ability to learn at all. She’s a powerful thinker. But with the public school system? All kinds of wrong in all kinds of ways.

For starters, take a look at this article: Industrial Age Schools Fail Information Age Kids

and then watch this video, made by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) addressing K-12 Technology Leadership.

There’s nothing that makes my heart flutter faster than an independent report that so perfectly aligns with unschooling. (That’s not true, pastries and chocolate get my heart going pretty fast, too…) As you listen to their suggestions on what a 21st century school ‘looks’ like, you’ll begin to notice that it already exists in homes all across the country, and it’s called ‘homeschooling’. If you’re really cool, it’s called ‘unschooling’. In fact, one woman goes so far to say schools wouldn’t be brick and mortar, but be ‘in the community’.

If you only do one thing for 5 minutes today, sit down and watch this video. If you are a public school parent then perhaps it will get you interested in changing the school’s administration to more suit your child’s needs. You can join CoSN here. And if you’re educating your kids at home, then it will be a nice pick me up for those times you wonder if you really are doing the right thing.



7 Responses

  1. Thanks for posting this amazing video Tiffani. I loved it and I’m scribbling down some real gems like “the death of education but the dawn of learning” .

    Everyday, I see the benefit of delight driven learning with Owen and this video serves as a pat on the back and a bit of encouragement that we are on the right track!

  2. I loved the Gatto piece. But the video embraces technology too much for my taste – what does it do to us, the hours we spend typing at keyboards, instead of interacting with the world more directly?

    I think schools (totally transformed) could be great ways for kids to have a community center sort of place. I am not good at being with my child 24/7, and really appreciate the freeschool he goes to. I wrote about what my ideal school would be, here.

  3. Great video!

    I think one of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the fact that society views children as an inconvenience. How many adults would be okay with kids learning within or being an active part of the community instead of being shuffled away most of the day; seen and not heard…or not seen and not heard, in many instances.

    I disagree that the video embraces “too much” technology. Especially as technology is a fantastic way of interacting with parts of the world (or cultural or society) we may not be exposed to otherwise. It can be a door to open people up to other things. And once those kids have the freedom to learn and explore more creatively, they will be less likely to spend hours typing away, rather than actual experience the things they discover online. Who wants to sit online when you realize you have the freedom to GO! 😀

  4. Yes!Yes!Yes!

    I have also posted this on my blog.

    Please let this be the future.

  5. Great post! I too have gone through this with my little guy~ Cat

  6. I really enjoyed reading a couple of your posts about education. I am a former public school teacher-now full-time mom and can’t help but wonder if public school is really where I want my kids. I have to defend public school teachers and say that mant of us TRIED to help children be inquisitive, to be thinkers and inventors. But the curriculum MUST be taught, and if your students don’t excel on year-end tests, there goes your job. Kind of sad. NCLB did a lot of damage, I don’t think we’re even seeing the repurcussions yet.

    But thanks for your posts, they really got me thinking!

    • Crystal, I’m totally down with teachers! And pretty much agree with your assessment…NCLB has tied everyone’s hands behind their backs. I didn’t leave the school system because of my experience with teachers, but the administration and the over standardization of the classrooms!

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