Twitter Shall Bring Them Together!

One of the biggest reasons I didn’t want to move from my home in Colorado wasn’t because I didn’t want to sell my stuff off, or move out of my wonderful house, or change everything in my life….although those were big reasons! But the biggest reason was I didn’t want to leave my network of crazy awesome friends. The women who I met when I was barely a homeschooler and who helped and encouraged me to find my own way with my kids. These women are warriors…intuitive, deliberate, intensely curious and always moving in their own direction. When I left, they toasted me on our last get together by saying, “May you be happy on whatever roads life takes you down!”


It’s interesting that ‘socialization’ is always a question in people’s minds when it comes to homeschooling, because I’ve found that it is the most important resource to homeschoolers in general…and unschoolers in particular. We’re always on the lookout for programs, information, activities, and groups to join since that is how we gather our experiences and learning. Unschooling really is so globally and communally based.

I anticipated it would take a while before I found my people here, and I didn’t like that.

But imagine my surprise when the opposite happened. All because of the virtual communities of flickr and twitter, of all places!

There is still a general distrust of virtual based relationships, at least to the real life people who learn that many of my first ‘dates’ while being in this new state are with people I’ve only met online. So far, I’ve found only great people and had only fantastic times! And contrary to the point that virtual relationships are insulating people from real connections, I’ve discovered so many amazing people to meet up with that I never would have met or learned about in any other way.

This last monday I had a chance to meet Amanda (aenclade on Twitter) and her two boys at the LA Zoo.

(Naturalist was home sick, and Golfer took the picture here, which is why they’re not in it!)

I had already been following Amanda on Twitter, and so by the time we met I knew I liked her viewpoints and ideas. She was totally cool, our energy and humor matched well and we spent a great day at the zoo.

It was one of those days where each of our kids had something going on…Golfer was hungry, cranky, and quiet while Sassy just wanted dippin dots. Amanda’s boys were energetic and free (LOL) and honestly we didn’t see many animals while there. We did eat at many food stands and take the tram and found a playground, though!


Trying to meet everyone’s needs tasked both of us mama’s up most of the day, so we juggled dealing with the kids while trying to learn more about each other.


We walked on a lot of paths, too, with lots of school kids on a field trip. We watched in amazement at the difference our kids experience there was vs. the school kids. It’s hard not to look at masses of kids holding on to ropes and walking in lines and being told not to be noisy, and not feel sad in comparison with our wild and crazy kids running around being animals (literally, at one point Sassy and her youngest both turned in to pretend dogs). I also have a soft spot in my heart for the kids who are put on those tether backpacks with leashes connecting them to their mom or dad.

The day went by much too quickly, I’m looking forward to meeting up with her and her boys at her local unschooling play group on Friday!


xoxo Amanda!


7 Responses

  1. oh lady. this is such a beautiful post. I love reading about the way you and so many other mamas (and papas) are bringing up their children. To know that I am not crazy for letting my 17 month old run around wild in Powell’s book store while our friends leashed their 20month old with him kicking and screaming. I know that I am letting my little guy learn, explore and be himself. That to me is something you just can’t teach, you have to step back and allow it to emerge.

    big hugs..
    ps can I be just a tad jealous of the warm sunshine in this post. oh man, I am ready for spring….

    • V, you are so not crazy! I’d rather see a little kid running around like a banshee than one tethered up like a pet. 😦 Cheers to you, for letting him learn, explore, and be himself 🙂

      Spring will be there before you know it!

  2. thank you tiffany for this post.
    what a day we had! or shall I say, I had.
    It’s funny how our kids throw us curve balls at
    precisely the most undesired times. I’ve been to the zoo many times, never had an experience like we had! lol Jules throwing up in the car was not a great start for our day…I trudged along because I was excited to meet you…and I am glad I did! bare feet and all!
    I appreciate your love and understanding and mostly, that you want to hang out with us again!
    I’m looking forward to getting to know you more, learn from you and let you take fabulous pictures of us!
    ha, see you friday!

  3. Yet another one of my favorite bloggers! Sounds like a great day – yes, we often look on with mouths hanging open in wonder at lines of kids on leashes or being strung along with someone yelling at them the whole time about ‘how’ they walk or stand or breathe or move. Such a different life.

    Your comment on your community in Colorado – we have not found any community that is a fit with us, our life or interests here. At all. We hope to travel to eventually find and meet a community – it is hard to do all this alone and I cannot wait until we are a part of like minded people to do things with, explore with. Some day.

    Love the sunny colorful photos.

    • Denise, I had no idea you don’t have that kind of community…I don’t even know how that’s possible as you and your family are one of the best and coolest I know. I would LOOOOOVE for you to be a part of my local people!!! I can’t imagine doing this alone. 😦 You rock, woman! I’m glad you’re a part of my internet community!

      • there are groups here, and we join/attend in waves to see if we click with people. seems most in my area already know who their friends are based on church, classes, child sex/age, part of town, who they grew up with, and are all set!. we have attended events or park dates where not one single person even said hi (and we had no idea who the homeschoolers were!). just weird. but we keep trying – we go for a few months, and then we get tired of it and don’t go for a few months, and then try again.

        some day, though, we’ll find our place and have the community we always dreamed of! 🙂

  4. I remember finding silent grief, and all the backlash I got from friends and family scared of the people I could possible meet online…so GLAD I didn’t listen. That community saved me. Those friends saved me. I think we lucked out finding that connection…it is rare. I’ve done several groups since then, and like denise, I’ve done things within my community in groups but found no one. Its hard to make friends, even when your friendly! I’m thankful for online communities…it really does make the world smaller

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