It’s been 3 weeks since saying goodbye to Colorado. This past winter has been one of the coldest anyone can remember…when I left, there was a lot of snow, gloves, hats, and boots going on.

simple abundance

To go directly from that to living on the beach and in swimsuits (or, as Sassy calls them, our ‘beach underwear’) is quite disorienting, to say the least. I feel like I’m living in a dream!

I happened to find the place where Colorado intersects with the ocean!


Turns out, it’s in Santa Monica, so that’s where you’ll find me. Yesterday, at least! The kids and I drove down there to do some sightseeing, some touristing, and some unschooling playgroup meeting.

First up was the Pier. Believe it or not, even though I was born only 40 miles away in Orange County and lived there for the first 12 years of my life and worked there every summer of college…this was only my second time to Santa Monica. The first was only a week or so ago. We stepped out onto the pier and were greeted with this sight:


A gorgeous day, amazing view, big sky.

None of that mattered once Sassy saw this, though:


It’s so high!!! So Naturalist held on to Golfer.


Sassy held on to me.


And I held on to the pole in the middle.


I love ferris wheels, but when I’m at the top I hate them. Especially when I’m sitting with people who like to mock my fear by rocking the gondola back and forth.

Anyhoo…we survived the ferris wheel of death and marched ourselves down to the beach where we had a lovely picnic and created another sandwich combination: peanut butter, nutella, and blackberry jam. Yum!!!


We headed over to a park day for unschoolers, which was fantastic but I didn’t want to bring out my camera and be my paparazzi self before really meeting everyone, so I don’t have much in the way of that. It was so much fun, though. Lots of kids to play with and other cool mama’s to talk to. There weren’t many unschoolers in Colorado, but all the ones I knew were the cream of the crop. And now that I’m meeting more and more here in So. Cal., it’s still holding true.

The park day was over by 5:30 pm, but I was told the traffic would be horrible driving back that time of night. “Oh, so when should I head back?” I asked. “By about 7:30, you should be good to go!” !!! Seriously. ?! That’s a lot of traffic. Luckily there was a Taco Por Favor recommendation and it was gooooooood.

And then we drove back to OC., and even though we waited until 7:30, most of the drive back looked like this:


Welcome to Southern California on a Friday night!


15 Responses

  1. Ooooh what a fun day. We LOVED Santa Monica. Did you see my Flickr set? I wanted to go back there this time around but we didn’t make it. Traffic = stink.

    • I’ll go look for your flickr set! I ❤ SM too 🙂 So much to explore, and I totally want to go back and swing on the rings!

  2. Wow!!!!! That’s a LOT of cars!! 😀 If I get in a line behind five cars I wonder if there is a game on in town or something!! ;D

    STILL totally green with envy though!! What an awesome life you have chosen! What an adventure! What a rock star bikini top you have!!!

  3. We lived in Santa Monica for a year, and pretty much didn’t see much else of So Cal because of that traffic! But it was a great place to be stuck. Glad you had a fun day! We miss that playground!

    • That playground is pretty amazing! And watching everyone ‘playing’ on it is, too! And yes, not a bad place to be ‘stuck’!

  4. I loved wandering around Santa Monica when I lived in LA in my college days. The beach, the beach, the beach, and the people watching! Oh, so much entertainment. 🙂 Sounds like a great place to be, live, and slow down in.

    • I didn’t know your college days were in LA! You should come out and show me around, I’m totally lost there!

  5. Oh, and loving all the great photos of that cute boy of yours…never got to see him much before! 😉

    • he’s not big in to getting his picture taken, and I *try* to respect that. But he’s so cuuuuute! 😉

  6. That Santa Monica beach shot is great!
    So wonderful to find some unschoolers! Any group is lucky to have you guys around!

  7. What a fantastic day! So, how long was the drive back?

    • Usually the drive is 45 min, it took us about 1 hr. 30 min to get back. Not too bad if you have some good music on!

  8. We live near Venice Beach and Santa Monica and we LOVE it! Maybe I came across your blog through a link on the unschooling group site. I’ve joined the group but haven’t made it to any park days yet because we don’t have kids home yet (adopting). I’ll be checking out your blog – love the lifestyle and the photography.

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