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Ahoy Mateys! There Be Adventure Afoot!

Bench Monday::Motley Crew Edition.

Our treasure be shells,
We plunder for donuts,
We have 99 bottles of Cherry Limeade on the wall.

To join our crew ye must have skulls on yer bathing suit
and an itch to sail the seven seas
…in an RV.

We go on 5 adventures before breakfast and don’t go to bed until every last bit of the days fun is done!

šŸ™‚ silliness on the beach–photoshoot set up by the kids with Naturalist taking the picture. šŸ™‚

This week we’re in and around Palm Desert, exploring the area and getting to know more about California. Today we spent a fantastic day in Joshua Tree National Park. As soon as I get the photos processed and uploaded, I’ll tell you all about it….we have mad National Park love in our family, which is why most of our travel posts take place inside them!

Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree, hipstamatic for the iphone.


8 Responses

  1. You goofs!! ;D looks like heaps of fun at the waterside today!!!

    We love National Parks too… who doesn’t !?! : D

  2. Great picture!!!

  3. […] Ahoy Mateys! There Be Adventure Afoot! […]

  4. Joshua Tree National Park is one of the first places I’m going when the vw bus is restored and roadtrip friendly!

    Beautiful capture!

    • VW bus?!?! You have one? I’m trying to convince Todd to let me trade out my minivan for a VW Camper… Do you know of any for sale? It has to be in good working order since neither of us is a handiman in any stretch of the word!

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. Hey I live in Palm Desert. Just found your blog through Christine. I’m seriously considering unschooling.

    While your in the area, a great place to go, The Living Desert Zoo! Awesome. I’m a member, if you want to go I can meet you there. Also another great place, Whitewater preserve. Fantastic trout ponds. http://www.wildlandsconservancy.org/twc_preserve_whitewater.html


  6. I’m not sure f you’re still in the desert here, but if you are you should check out Cabots Museum if you haven’t already. Its fabulous. I second Whitewater (because I live there ;o) and the Mission Creek Preserve off of Hwy 62. Beautiful place.

  7. Great photos Tiff and you rock !! Golfer is growig up into a handsome young man !!!


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