Skull Rock!

In Joshua Tree National Park there’s a place called Skull Rock, because a huge rock has been weathered into the shape of a skull. And, well, being so piratey and all, we had to stop by and see it!


It was totally skullish and worth the stop. You don’t have to hike to get to it, it’s right beside where you park, but all around it are places to go climbing. So we did.


I used my handy dandy iphone video while there. I’m hoping my kids will become a little more media savvy the more I use it…right now they’re still stuck on answering “your butt” and “we’re all going to die!” to every question I ask. And we all know, that never gets old. Unless you’re the mom. Trying to take a nice memorable video for posterity. You know what else never gets old? Uranus jokes, which will probably make an appearance in one of these videos sooner or later.

Luckily my ex-brother in law and his kids were there to keep the video on track.

I’ll blog more about our hikes when I get more pictures uploaded…for now, I can only say that the park was AMAZING. National Parks are like Nature’s version of Disneyland, and this one kept us running around, climbing on rocks, laughing, and looking around in absolute amazement at what Mother Nature can do. If you haven’t visited a National Park lately, find one closest to you and go visit this weekend! It’ll do you and your kids a whole lot of good!


2 Responses

  1. Soo…there were giants, and you found one of their skulls. Spooky. I always suspected, but until now, blindly trusted science.

    And, for us the answer is always: your face.
    Only rebuttal: your mama’s face.

    I’ve never successfully taken one single video. Every vlog, every camera video, sabotaged!! I think they’re on a mission.

    Looks like a blast!! We also love parks!

  2. We love national parks too. Went to Arches and a little part of Zion on our way through Utah driving back east. Amazing. Great shots of you trip!

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