Happy Easter, From the Easter Bunny.

This year, the kids and I headed to my mom’s house in the California desert. My exBIL and 4 nieces and nephews (2 each) were also here, so it’s been one mad party for the past week. MAD, I tell you!

I made sure to bring up the bunny mask, figuring that maybe it wouldn’t be so eerie and out of place if we actually used it on Easter. Because, you know, it’s an easter bunny mask!


Turns out, no, it still was pretty freaky! Even Golfer, who loves it, wasn’t sure about seeing it on someone with pink polka dot pajamas.


My oldest nephew, who’s 14, was pretty unflappable.


He’s always been that way. Totally cool as a cucumber and in control. I’ve been trying the last dozen years to do something, ANYTHING, to break through his calm exterior which makes me look even crazier than I am. One day I will succeed. But today was not that day.


I told my almost youngest nephew a magical easter bunny story:


and didn’t really say much at all to my youngest niece, I just let her sit and laugh at me.


Of course Sassy just wanted to snuggle.


And the littlest nephew, born last November just a week after my birthday (Go Scorpios!)….well, he has no idea what’s in store for him for the rest of his life in this family. If he did, I’m sure he’d be smiling and laughing a little more. It’s not every clan that gets visited by such a cool easter bunny!


Happy Easter!


The Easter Bunny

(Last year, our Easter looked like this…)


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