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Math Monday::Banana Dave Edition!

So, the big question here today was: What does a sea star and a banana named Dave have in common?

A: They both have pentagonal symmetry!

To explain further, here are my hooligan kids. This was originally the practice version, but then I realized it was almost 10 and I’m exhausted so we went with it. They do a good job explaining everything!

If, for some reason, we do not do a good job explaining everything, forgive us. It must be the late night and sugary dessert that got to us. Leave a question and I’ll explain it all later, after a nice long rest…

Books and games we’ve enjoyed:
Symmetry: A Journey into the Patterns of Nature

Why Beauty Is Truth: A History of Symmetry

Studies in Symmetry with pattern blocks.


Symmetry Letters – (26 letter shapes)

resources on the web:

More pictures (300+) and information about echinoderms.

Symmetry in Biology.

Going Bananas for Echinoderms; a sheet that describes how you can do this same thing on your own with just a banana. You can name yours whatever you want.

Fantastic and simple article about five fold symmetry.

Images of things with Pentagonal symmetry.

12 Responses

  1. nice. so neat!

  2. I see a future in TV for your kids….their very own maths/science show.

    (And remind me to never mis-classify an animal around Naturalist, as I think she will rip my arms off and beat me with the soggy ends!)

    • yes, I get chastised on a daily basis when it comes to my animal classifications/knowlege, lol.

  3. Awesome. Ella watched with me and laughed hysterically at Sassy’s “We can’t see his booty!”.

    • Sassy always finds a way to say ‘booty’ on these things…glad you enjoyed it, lol

  4. Oh, I loved this video! You guys rock.

    We noticed this neat fact about bananas by accident when making a chocolate fondue.

    A banana will separate down the middle into five spear shaped parts, just like the skin did in your video.


    • Mmmmm, chocolate fondue! I’ll have to whip some up to use the rest of our bananas in!

  5. Loved the video! That was cool, and I would have to agree that there just might be a future in Television for your kids hosting a science/math program. Too funny!

    • I envision them hosting a program, as well as them buying me a nice new camera with their earnings…wouldn’t that be nice… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. That was hilarious! Naturalist cracked me UP with her innocent little lady expression after going “bananas” on behalf of sea stars. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Sea cucumbers are gross.

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