P. Diddy Called, He Wants His Party Back.

Sassy is about to celebrate her 6th birthday next week.


Sassy is very clear about how she wants her day to go.

Sassy begins to plan her next year’s birthday party about .5 seconds after her this year’s birthday party has ended, so this year has been planned since last May.

Sassy is pulling out all the stops this year…her brain is able to form more and more complex plans and darn it if we haven’t exposed her to so many things this past year that she wants to include a vast assortment of them in her celebrations.

If I managed to do everything she’s planning, I would need Diddy’s party planner and about $1 million per guest to pull it off. Here’s a sneak peek into what she’s come up with so far:

*In the morning, Hubby and she will fly to Las Vegas, hit up the Dunkin’ Donuts (the closest one to us), get a couple dozen, and fly back with them so everyone can have DD for breakfast.

*Then we’ll go out on a snail safari, to gather as many snails as we can find so we can watch them moving around eating leaves. Have a snail race. Then let them go.

*I want to add that for the snail safari and everywhere else we go, she’s requested I carry her piggyback. I’ve been spending the last 6 months getting in shape so I can.


anyway, moving on…

*Next, Naturalist will give a tutorial on how to draw wolves.

*Then, I will teach everyone how to climb trees.

*Followed by a trip to Griffith Observatory where we will watch movies in the planetarium.

*Once we have our fill of movies about space, we’ll head over to the pool and swim.

*Then everyone will play basketball on the basketball courts next to the pool!

*When we’re done playing ball, it’s time for a DANCE PARTY!!!! Every day for the past 6 months she’s instructed me on what songs will or will NOT be on her playlist. We are finishing the final list on itunes right now, just in time. We’ve also been trying out our best moves, because she has very refined taste in how people should move it! move it! Standing in one place and moving from side to side isn’t good enough. Laying on your back and kicking your legs up in the air very fast IS good enough. These moves have to be creative and original!

*Then everyone will drink smoggelty juice, a conncoction Hubby invented that turns whoever drinks it invisible. It’s pretty cool.

*Next up is the opening of the cards and presents…Littlest Pet Shops are on the list of things she’d like to get this year.

*I hope everyone still has energy, because she’s not done! We’ll get in the car and go over to the bowling alley to bowl a few frames and eat nachos!

*And for the grand finale, she’s planning on reserving the Space Shuttle so everyone can go up into space and have another dance party…this one without gravity!

Judging from her comments to me on what I wear every day, there will be a strict dress code enforced. Often I’ll walk down the stairs in my jeans and tshirt and she looks at me with a level gaze. “THAT…” she points at me with her finger, waggling it up and down to indicate all of me “…is NOT going to be at my birthday party.” She looks much like this:

Sassy at 3

But if I come down in a fancier, frillier shirt with a cute skirt, she smiles and claps her hands. “You can wear THAT to my party!” she tells me, looking happy like this:


I’m thinking that with all the rules and instructions she’s giving me about this party, she could give Diddy’s party planner a tip or two. And I could use Diddy’s deep pockets to help finance this thing, for sure.

6 more days…the countdown is ON!


9 Responses

  1. sounds like awesomeness!!!

    (Tiffany B posting under an assumed name!!)

  2. She’s a girl who knows what she wants! For my birthday in December, I just want a tiny bit of her energy :-).

    Have a happy birthday, Sassy!

  3. you super mom you..!!!!!!!

  4. oH ! I just love this.
    With Siva I can arrange it myself and he will be the most happiest kid in the world. But with Swetha , she would even look into plates and spoons if they are arranged correctly.
    Is the party going to be in the RV ?

    Happy partying and organising.

  5. I’m exhausted just reading all that 🙂

  6. I want to see lots of photos of the snail safari. Maybe we will join you in our own back yard. We could find a few and then post photos to compare the coolness of snails from different states! (PS do you have a disco ball? We do… and I know where you can find one!)

  7. What? She no longer wants to be called Christina?

  8. My kids are the same way. The minute the party is over, they’re planning next year’s birthday! She’s going to keep you on your toes. Good luck squeezing that all into one day!!!

  9. […] P. Diddy Called, He Wants His Party Back. […]

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