Golden Gate Bridge Phobia

Before I get to my gephyrophobia (Thanks, Amy, for the correct term for fear of bridges!) I just checked in on the blog with my iphone and started reading all the comments to the last one I posted about laziness (and lack thereof) and unschooling. I wish I could join in on the commenting party happening, but it’s hard to do over my stinkin’ iphone keypad. But when I get back, it’s so on! There were some really great points made and a lot of things were brought up that made me stop and think.

I’m not at my computer right now because I drove up to San Francisco to meet up with a fellow unschooling blogger, Tara from tara.mama.wendy

Tara.Mama.Wendy and I

It’s been great seeing her part of the world and watching her interact with her two adorable boys. Part of our night last night was driving in to the Mission District to eat dinner. I was excited about the eating part, but not so much about the driving over the Golden Gate Bridge part. It’s so terrifying!!! Especially when everyone in the car starts talking about traumatic bridge accidents and someone who is driving who shall remain nameless (Tara) starts pretending to go out of control. Hilarity ensues in the video…


5 Responses

  1. You two are adorable and the video was a treat – I felt like I was on the bridge too – which is really long and took awhile to get across btw :0)

    Hope dinner was yummy. Tara’s boys are cutie pies!!

    P.S. When can you guys drive to Maine??

  2. I hate bridges. HATE. Try growing up in Chicago, where there are the uppy-downy bridges. And they’re not solid, they’re grates and you can see through them! Makes me lightheaded just thinking about it. When Tom and I got married, we lived in Iowa and I taught in Illinois. Yeah, just a weeee leeeeetle river to have to cross twice a day. In the spring I would often race to get home (over a big honkin’ span-the-Mississippi bridge) to beat tornadoes. Sigh…any wonder we moved out here? Royal Gorge bridge? Ain’t NEVER gonna happen.

  3. I grew up in Marin Co. and I LOVE that bridge. I think it is the most amazing bridge and it’s RED, which is my favorite color. It’s still totally creepy to drive over so I get that…especially if you end up in the “suicide lane.”

  4. Hi Cuz! (well, honorary, right? Or is it cousin-in-law?) — I just found your blog thanks to Aunt Margo’s email this morning, and then saw a post titled with the name of my favorite bridge, and voila, here I am. That is super crazy that you were just up here in SF–my husband and I actually live on the edge of the Mission (next to Dolores Park, so kind of Mission/Castro/Noe) and totally could have run into you. How funny! Not that I would have recognized you before seeing this blog; LOVE the hair! And I’m glad I don’t share your bridge phobia–I drive over the Golden Gate almost every day to ride my horse (live in SF, horse is at a barn in the Marin Headlands).

    Sounds like you had a great time in SF–next time you’re up here would be fun to see you!

  5. I HATE bridges too…when we drove to the Ozarks, my hubby gave me a club, so that I can break the window from the inside if I needed too…I literally had that at my side every time I went over a bridge…those things freak me out

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