Birthday Party, Pulled Teeth and some R&R.

The past two weeks have left me exhausted! Not just physically, but mentally as well. Something about my baby turning any older just completely does me in. Last year, when she turned 5?! forgetaboutit. I ended up drowning my sorrows in leftover cake and ice cream. I know I should be happy, and I mostly am. How can I not when she yells excitedly to me “EVERYTHING!!!” when I ask her what she likes about being 6. But from a purely selfish standpoint, it’s hard to watch your blood, sweat, and tears slowly outsourcing themselves every year. Am I the only one with this kind of mommy angst?

The week before her birthday, Sassy lost her second tooth. (double whammy for my already angsty heart, but you already knew that)

Her first tooth was lost at the Staples Center after a big bite into a hamburger. This tooth was pulled out because it was keeping her from eating an apple.

Then her birthday came, and we did tons of this:





Naturalist made her a birthday cake that deserves an entire post of it’s own, and the dance party was off the hook!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve done our fair share of traveling around taking “educational field trips” (or, sightseeing…) and visiting friends in all corners of So. Cal. Mama needs a nap, which may explain the blogging hiatus I’ve got going on this past week. Either that, or I’m still suffering from the post-birthday cake sugar low lethargy.


6 Responses

  1. party! so fun!

  2. Oh wow, six. Happy Birthday, Sassy!Glad you’ve been busy and having fun, hope you catch up on rest though!

    Ella turns 5 in two months and I have been a crazy mess of weepiness. When Nic turned 5 it was hard enough, but now my Baby?! Oy.I cannot even think about 6.

  3. sassy has a take no prisoners look in that shot!

    now go rest!!!!!!

  4. Wow, so much fun. Looks like the day was spent, as most days, just enjoying each other and and the world around you! Your kids are amazing…and is Naturalist really that beautiful!!! She sure is growing up too.
    PS You are not alone in morning the loss of each year. I cry with every new stage…cuz I’m so sad…and cry more cuz I am so looking forward to what is next and the adventures life will take us on.

    Now, any photos of the cake around? Sounds fabulous 🙂

  5. Sassy can strike a pose like no other! look at that face.

  6. You aren’t the only one Mum. My youngest turns 15 in, as she constantly reminds me, less than two months.

    Picture a grown woman with her thumbs in her ears going, “Nah, nah, nah…I can’t hear you!” and it gives you some idea of how I’m handling my baby growing up. 😉

    I love the pic of the kids in their laser tag gear. How cool is that? I’d love to try laser tag but Daughter is one of those “too cool to do something fun with my parents” kids and she’d just walk around going, “Yeah, you got me…whatever!”


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