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When Sassy turned 6, she decided to change her name to “Christina”. She forgot about it by the next day, so she’s still Sassy. But it got me thinking about the blog name I chose 4 years ago, when I started writing here. We were shifting from public school to homeschool, I was trying to figure out a way to educate all my kids at home, and Naturalist was a really sad empty shell of a girl. A light clicked on when I realized how much they learned and explored when our days were full of enthusiasm and play. Et voila…child’s play. Life should be lived like it’s child’s play!

I’m in the midst of getting my very own shiny domain name so I can switch this blog over to my very own shiny domain…so instead of being hosted by wordpress I’ll host it myself. I can dress the blog up with fancy schmancy bells and whistles and make it pretty, so I’m very excited about it! But I don’t have to stay ‘child’s play’, I can be whatever I want. I’m wondering, do I still like that name? Do I wish, like Sassy, that I could be called something else? And if so, what? All these questions have paralyzed me from moving any further on upgrading this thing! What’s in a name?! A whole lot of stress, apparently.

So, I’ll turn it over to you, who know me so well. What would you name this blog? Besides “Christina”, because Sassy’s already claimed it as her own. I’ll put it to a poll, with the two domain names that are available with ‘child’s play’, and then open it up to anything else. Just leave a suggestion in the comments. And if I chose your idea, I’ll drive out with all my kids in tow and we can have a pizza/Coldstone party! And if I really really like your house, we’ll all stay for a couple weeks! Yeah!


14 Responses

  1. This unstructured life.


    some ideas…

  3. I voted for childsplayblog because to me that’s what your adventures with Naturalist, Golfer and Sassy are…well, that and because I don’t like change. 😉

    You name your new blog whatever you want, I’ll still visit and put in my occasional two cents.

    Congrats on the new domain name.

  4. I kinda like childplayadventures…let me sleep on it, maybe I’ll think of something

  5. I’ve always been bugged by the missing s in your blog URL. I think keeping your well-known name is a good idea. Since you can get back the s with, I think you should do it!

  6. I voted for I think you should stick with your well-established name. I have always liked the name Child’s Play. I dunno…..Just my two cents.

    P.S. You are welcome to drive your kids all the way out here (NC) any old time you want!

    • I love NC! Golfer used to play in tournaments at Pinehurst for quite a few years, it would be fun to take a trip back for a visit 🙂

  7. I like your original name but here are a few I could think of:

    life’s playground
    learning adventures
    backyard education
    backyard learning

    Thanks for blogging by the way. I really enjoy reading.

  8. Child’s play !!!! What else can you be ? When I think of that name four of you come to my mind . adventurous Mama and three kids .

    I named my blog inspired by this .
    Krishnaleela .
    ‘Krishna ‘ whom we worship just like baby jesus . Krishna’s child hood is something to rejoice . He was bought up as a cow herd boy . In tune with the nature .
    ‘Leela’ means play.

  9. I am not good at naming things but what about

    childsplaycorrection (I literally opened the dictionary to find new words and “correction” is the first word I saw.) Correction meaning removal of errors (one definition). That meaning could be the removal of the traditional style of learning. ummm…not sure that makes any sense.

    childsplayhost Again, “host” meaning entertaining at an event, you entertain us followers. “host” a large number of people or things…us again. “host” an organism infected by a parasite..a.k.a your old schooling system.

    Although I am sure I could fine more words, those were the two that popped out of the dictionary on a whimsical pass through.

    I am sure whatever you think of will be fantastic!

  10. i like freespirits

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